Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Del Taco Poisons Thousands Of Children

Can Old Knudsen take his crazy future in-laws for much longer? When someone makes Old Knudsen seem normal then you have to worry.

Example from the hit sit-com King of Queens: The old father tells his daughter at the breakfast table, "The vice president Al Gore resigned" she says he couldn't of or it would be all over the news, the old father says "Well it was on the front page of the newspaper maybe they had an inside scoop."

He looks for the paper and is told its in the trash, while going through the trash he holds up an empty can of tuna and says, "do we own a diamond mine no one told me about? there is still tuna in this can"
All the while the daughter and her husband are having their own conversation.

The old father finds it and reads, "Al Gore resigns himself to a wooden image" he frowns and then says, "It must be the wrong newspaper.

Oh and Abraham Lincoln wasn't killed by an assassin, Old Knudsen saw him in a Burger King eating a Whopper and talking on a mobile phone. Sure he looks a bit older but that is to be expected. At first the worker called him Phil but later he slipped and said, "Mr Lincoln your food is ready."
Being an ex preez means he has to get up and get it himself and as he sat doon he said to his companion (Probably secret service) "That was original". Don't believe the lies the man tells you I bet my head shot of JFK was on a large headed fugly imposter, you just never know.

Things they give out to young kids as toys in fast food places are just wrong. I took this set of riddles off a young un and slapped his parents in disgust:

Like wind in your hair, you feel me.
But much more controlled I will be.

Do kids needs secret hidden messages about sex? I thought thats what they had Transformers and Twatlight for.

After a shower, you may see
someone who is wet holding me.

Sick sick sick............... soapy, you didn't mention soapy.

In the morning when you use me,
others find it hard to hear the TV.

The sick nuks then cover Themselves by saying the answer to the riddles are.

Blow dryer

Here is a nice one for the kiddies:

Though I feel soft, you still feel the pain.
With a good punch, I can damage your brain.

What no I'll knock out yer teeth and you'll swallow yer blood, you'll lose the title and yer name will ne mud? It gets worse.

I'm sometimes red, and I'm round.
in a ring, I'm always found.

I know what my reader is thinking but yer wrong, it was a boxing glove.

Made by Patch Products Inc I suggest you boycott them or yer child will be doing a lot of wink wink nudge nudge at you. Also boycott Del Taco as it is poisoning yer kid's mind with this in-yer-endo smut.
Oh and the food was shite and the place was as dirty as my knob.

I'll leave you to figure this one out:

With my passage, smells fade.
You may wish they had stayed.


Donn said...

When were you going to tell him aboot the Diamond Mine?

Cathy said...

How clever these whore-mongers as they ply such filthy ware to children masked as clever ditties, all meant to bring in the bucks. Didn't have fastfood crapola when I was a kid but I HAD kids and it took iron will to keep them from tearing my hair out to let them have a double cheesy warm lettuce magic mustard horsemeat blob on a stale bun. O yea! and a toy made by a starving Tai that broke soon as you touched it. Soapy, yeah they forget that. Need soap. OK YOUR QUESTION: "Life". ?

Old Knudsen said...

donn there is a job going in me mine if yer interested, full body cavity search on the way out.

cathy The starving Tais should go to BK and no its not Life.

The first ever fast food I remember was a whimpys which closed doon only the big city had a BK and KFC that was it.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Thank God I'm on a diet, eh?

Shelly Rayedeane said...

To answer your question, I haven't had multiple blog ID's.

Like I stated previously, there is no need for it because God is protecting me.

One ID and one life linked to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Soren, check this if you haven't already:http://bestoftheblogs.com/Home/24490

- yer best mate from FB