Sunday, 29 November 2009

Answer Me This

If the US government says they are not in league with Extra Terrestrial beings then why do they feel the need to prevent them from landing and sucking out our stem cells? Well thats what I got from the side of this car.

After 3 hours 2 men that were black got in and I proceeded to follow them. They must have known I was tailing them cos in a few minutes I had lost them. Old Knudsen is goo at tailing though he can't run as fast and as far as he used to.

White guy, black guy and a hispaniard wot no weemen?

I pulled some strings and called in a few favours to find out more about ET security. Ok I googled them. Never once do they mention aliens or space ships which is obviously suspicious.

They said they call their employees 'officers' and never 'guards' but the above picture was saved under their title of security guards so HA!

Watch out people for they are among us and black men and men in black know!


Momentary Madness said...

Only in the land of opportunity: more security, high walls, and electricity fences....
"Bloodhounds, needle and your razor wire
Your nylon shackle whipping post and your high tech burning tire, your Judas!
Whiplash crack across the back, across the arms and although you bound his feet
He running fast he running hard
Through them crickets in the corn and them horses in the field.
Hear the caw, caw of the crows.
See the devil at the wheel y'all, Judas!
Go on down to Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee, Georgia, Carolina, Carolina."

MJ said...

ET also stands for Entertainment Tonight.

Be on the lookout for Mary Hart and Mark Steines.

John Tesh might be in the trunk.

Donn said...

Ha Ha I geddit.
So don't fear us,
cheer us.
If you ever get near us,
don't jeer us.
We're fearless.
M.I.B.'s freezin' up all the flack.
What's that stand for?

The men in
the men in