Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Severe Weather Alert

Southern Callyfornia is expecting a wee storm soon and you would not believe what happened tonight.It was getting really muggy with the humidity rising and then about half past ten it happened.
For the first time in history it started to rain men. The only ones who seemed to enjoy this were a couple of big black weemen who were getting absolutely soaking wet ................. from all the blood and innards.

It was disgusting as most of the men did not survive the fall and the cars got the ones that did. You won't see it on the news but hey if it rains rain doon here you'll here all about that.

Over to Sarah Gonzales for the latest, "Yes Rick some people did indeed feel rain on them today causing cars on the westbound 60 Freeway to brake suddenly reducing speed to 10 mph and apply their windshield wipers. Governor Schwarzenegger is calling for a state of emergency and immediate aid for those whose hair got damp in the torrential light drizzle."


Fat Sparrow said...

Ha ha, you've become a Californian!

Donn w/2nz said...

Ab-so-lutely soakingly hilarious!
Humans are getting "more" stupider every day..I can't imagine Mother Earth tolerating us much longer.

When the BIG quake happens in Cali and the Tsunami finishes off the survivors, America will collapse...unless you can envision living in a world made up of only East Coast Celebrities..pfft.

MJ said...

It's raining men?


Boxer said...

Californians are wimps.