Thursday, 22 October 2009

Open Letter To The Pope

Dear Pope Benedict XVI

Since Old Knudsen has had no reply from yer office in regards to the end of Catholicism due to centuries of genocide, torture and abuse of power that does not seem to be getting any better Old Knudsen has taken the matter up with a higher authority.

Old Knudsen prayed and fasted during the commercials of Ghosthunters on the Sci-fi channel which I now believe to be named
Syfy which as you'll no doubt agree sounds quite silly.

Old Knudsen's prayers were answered by God who incidentally spoke with a Scottish accent which you would know about had you spoken with him.

God told Old Knudsen that he was God's representative on earth and that any religious leader was to accept this and step doon appointing old Knudsen as supreme leader of all religions in order to unite and not divide his children.

I suggest you and yer dress wearing cronies do as God says as he sounded quite pissed off at what you lot had been up to.

Old Knudsen does not need designer clothes and bullet proof pope mobiles as Old Knudsen is a man of faith, he would however like details of the health coverage and pension plan for the job and a salary will be negotiated. Old Knudsen will await details about the private jet etc that will take him to his throne in the Vatican, please open some windows to get rid of the incense and old man smell of the place.

Yours sincerely

Old Knudsen

God's true representative on earth

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Stephen Barnes said...

I wanna kiss yer ring.

MJ said...

Since you have a direct line to Gog, can you ask Him where Donn is?

Donn w/2nz said...

Benisindetox@the vatican?