Sunday, 25 October 2009

If I Ruled The Souls

What up niggas? Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty ya listening to the boy from Killamory this is pope rock!

When Old Knudsen is made Pope the first thing he'll do is fire people and get rid of a lot of Feniany stuff. I just know that poof on the right is eying up the altar boys.

Priests can marry weemen or men, not boys to prove they are into adults and if they don't want to get married then they get neutered.

No weemen clergy as Old Knudsen thinks they are best behind the scenes making tea and the like, if it wasn't for tea we'd all be speaking German.

Since you can't tell weemen anything they will no doubt becum clergy and can kill off unborn babies if they feel like it, Old Knudsen just doesn't want to hear the nagging.

Up the bum, double dipping, splurge the hole fantastic with or without a condom who cares as long as its consensual between adults? No I repeat no cap drilling without having cleaned and inspected all 3 sets of equipment involved and an easy to remember safety word.

No Hell, Heaven or Purgatory just the great cosmic soup so sin is old hat just behave yerselves. If you don't behave yerselves you are doomed to repeating the same miserable existence time and time again.

Gog may or may not have a plan but either way you'll get proper funted at sometime so find a way to learn from it and grow as a person or you'll be stuck in the this life and the next life as a sad sack.

Count yer blessings, don't slouch and finish yer dinner as there are children starving everywhere.


erin said...

'just behave yerselves'

I say that so many times during the day.

I wish I could take over the world. I would be the best ruler ever.

MJ said...

May I touch your mitre?

Fat Sparrow said...

I dunno, your man's look seems to say "What the fuck?!" If you had to look up "WTF," they should have a picture of his face there; it says it all.

Maybe he's just still in shock from the regime change.

Anonymous said...

Rule my soles!

Piggy and Tazzy said...

That poof on the right has no need to eye up the altar boys - he's probably already had them all.

Dirty little needy cunts.

I'm so glad I don't speak German.

tony said...

Jeeze! You Look Like Alex Ferguson In That Photo!

Donn w/2nz said...

"If it wasn't for Tea we'd all be speaking German."
That's bloody brilliant :)