Friday, 23 October 2009

Catholic Lite

Since the Pope is toying with the wrath of Gog Old Knudsen decided to contact Catholic lite. The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams father of Robbie and Robin was next to get a chance.

The bish's website had *funt* all email addresses and Old Knudsen was forced to type the word of Gog into a comment box like a pathetic Blogger.

Here is what Old Knudsen had to say:

The Pope was kind enough to have an email address. The long story short is that God spoke to Old Knudsen and wants him to lead all religions as the rest of yous have done a 'piss poor job' his words. Please submit health coverage, salary and private jet to pick me up details before God gets really angry. Thank you Old Knudsen God's New representative on earth

*Old Knudsen takes his role as saviour of the world very seriously and is stopping swearing*

Oh and here is a picture of a nip.


expat@large said...

Dang, I have an erection now and I was just about to go to confession! (it was the big gun she has)

Fat Sparrow said...

Why is it that the Archbishop of Canterbury looks like a hippie physicist? Look at that hair, beard, and dear god, those eyebrows. Does he not have a whole set of personal groomers like Benny does? Maybe he should convert; it's pretty bad when wanna-be Eyeties are looking cleaner cut than Brits.

Donn w/2nz said...

Yeah..what is up withthose crazyass brows? Does he think that's cool?

The gal with the gun is waiting for the bitch hoggin the bathroom stall isn't she?
Somebody gonna get a hurting real bad.