Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ashton Kutcher Needs A Slap

Fuck Ashton Kutcher is an annoying cunt! There I said it, hes like Ben Affleck but 10 fold more irritating and with 10 times less talent. I actually like Affleck but fuck knows why maybe because he is a mate of Matt Damon so he must be alright.

Kutcher has one of those cocky for no good reasons faces that just needs a slap. I don't give a fuck how many followers he has on Twatter I'm sure his assistant is kept busy twatting away. To be honest Old Knudsen has never liked Demi Moore so its odd they should end up together.

Also that cunt had better stop taking pictures of Old Knudsen and showing them off cos Old Knudsen might be doing something anti-social and I bet Ashton is a brussel sprout, ya know tout! ok Americans what about tell tale do ya understand that with yer trucker caps and multiple camera angles to look edgy? why do people buy scuffed up caps? Someone is crazy here and its not Old Knudsen.


Fat Sparrow said...

"Someone is crazy here and its not Old Knudsen."

No, I'm pretty sure it's you.

Back in the day we had to scuff our own caps; you couldn't buy them that way.

Donn w/2nz said...

At first I was aroused, and then I was furious! You're right.
What has Ashton ever done for moi?

You have to give him credit for crowning himself as the Poster Boy for Cougar Kooching, the Titan of Twattering, and Prince of Pranksters.

He has made a nice life for himself and I think that maybe you're just a teeny bit jealous of him having one million salacious sycophantic celeb-stalkers?

savannah said...


xoxoxox ;~D

Old Knudsen said...

fat sparrow Old Knudsen is sure he isn't crazy.

DC I should have one million salacious sycophantic celeb-stalkers but I shun mainstream for up stream.

savannah well said that woman.

Leah said...

He might like a slap just a little too much.

But I wouldn't mind giving him a boot up the ass.

Never mind, he'd enjoy that as well.

mago said...

Yer becoming more and more enigmatic: Whose this noface? Where's my Luger? Let the servants bring more beer.

Old Knudsen said...

leah you really know how to play rough......... I like it.

mago Luger, Lager, Beer? I'm cutting you off yer've had enough.