Thursday, 17 September 2009

Well Varnished

So anyway I'm making a pilot reality show. I take 10 kids from a poor cuntry and put them through various challenges to see who wants to be Old Knudsen's adopted child. I don't really want a child so the winner gets a job in my Cambodian sweatshop so its a win win, having a shop that makes sweat is for tax purposes I don't want to talk about it.

If the eliminated or rejected children survive they can tell the story about meeting me and getting a full meal every other day and they will be celebs of their village.

Maybe its the varnish speaking but I think this is the greatest idea for a show ever. Old Knudsen loves to give poor children a chance and then send them back to squalor much like Danny Boyle and the Slumdog million dollar baby film.

My other show about following weemen about until they fall in love with me has suffered some production problems and restraining orders.


expat@large said...

Mate, you can't save them all, as buddy said to me in the Ipanema bar Orchard Towers, Singapore at 3am last week, at least I think he said "save" - the music was fairly loud.

MJ said...

You can use Angelina and Madonna's kids as extras.