Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sad Fucker With A Gun And A Badge

A white police officer in Philadelphia came to work with cornrows was ordered by a black superior to get a haircut because the braids violated department standards.

Thomas Strain was put on desk duty this month because he was a sad sad silly looking fucker.

You talk about people going native the only sadder thing is a white boy with dread locks, does officer Strain give dap and ethnic handshakes? is 50 cents his hero? does he know its G-unit and not Gun-it as I had to work out.

The only time cornrows looked good on whitey were on Bo Derek in the film 10 and we were too busy looking at her well stuffed beaver to care anyway.

Fire Strain for this serious lack of judgment because there are some things you should just know.


Fat Sparrow said...

It's a bit late for Spring Break in Jamaica souvenirs, isn't it? What's he going to show up with next, henna tattoos?

MJ said...

Was Bo's pubic hair in corn rows?

DÖNN w/2 'N'z said...

I felt that "10" lacked realism and personally I did not achieve any suspension of disbelief.

I did however achieve a different form of suspension.

DÖNN w/2 'N'z said...

btw: I thought that you might appreciate this from txts frm last night

"(404): i hope kanye doesn't show up to patrick swayze's funeral. " i'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute...but michael jackson had the best death of the year. just sayinnn "."


northern musings said...

Call me a dumb white b... but can non whites have braided hair or is it only bad dress for whities (bad taste it is... that's not disputed)... just wondering... if it was so easy to get a day off work I can see a lot of my old work mates making their way to Bali for a beach corn row