Monday, 24 August 2009

Why So Socialist?

Firas Alkhateeb is the Palestinian-American student from the University of Illinois-Chicago who may or may not be a passive aggressive anti-American terrorist.

He claims to have made Obama up as the Joker from Buttman but says someone else put on the word 'socialism' onto it.

Old Knudsen thinks he is back pedaling because he looked up the word socialist and saw it didn't match what the Joker was about and so was embarrassed I say water board the cunt and get the truth.

Now this would make better sense. Churchill helped set up the welfare state in Britain and even gave it to Northern Ireland as a thank you for helping out with the Nazis. A personal hero of Old Knudsen's even though he was half Yank and strangely enough one that many republicans also like.

If only Obama was half the man Churchill was, never mind yer freaky looking Lincoln guy who is a hero to Obama, Churchill didn't free the slaves as a by product of a war to save the union oh no Churchill when told to surrender by Hitler looked around and saw his army in tatters, all his allies beaten or looking the other way (yes you America) and said, "Never, go fuck up a rope piss stick you silly looking Austrian and German hole licker".

No really Old Knudsen was there, what got to Hitler was, "I'm so sorry we have to decline your lovely offer ever so sorry."

Anyway back to Firas Alkhateeb and his freedom of speech, it doesn't work if you are a Palestinian-American cos then yer just a trouble maker with a secret agenda. I saw him explain about it all and him saying how he didn't mean it to go viral though he wasn't apologetic that it did.

Old Knudsen would have denounced the poster as it was meant to be insulting and he is sick of his cuntrie's system being insulted by dicks that don't even know how it works.

To break doon socialist health care is:

Health care for all no matter what age or pre-existing conditions.

The doctor makes the decisions not some insurance bureaucrat a 1000 miles away on the phone who has decided that even though they haven't found out why yer sick in 3 days yet they won't cover you any more.

You are covered, not half covered and you won't be made bankrupt if you get sick.

If you can afford it you have a co-pay and higher taxes do support it as well as other programs.

You may have to wait 6 months to a year for non- life threatening surgery but by the time it goes through yer various insurance people in America you've waited.

Its a no brainer, not a perfect system but better than yers. People have been saying its crumbling like Canada's or France's but its been doing that for decades just like how its going to be the end of the world every 5 minutes or Global warming will drown yer granny.

If you have the money you can always get private health care if you want to be a cunt about it.

Obama is not good enough to pull this one off maybe Hilary will in 2010 ................. America you've been proper fucked for years and you never knew it, enjoy yer future.


Tuesday Kid said...

Have to say I support the NHS and all sections of the welfare system (except those cunts at the dole office) just because without it I'd be dead (or have to thieve more).

MJ said...

Tell ya what.

If you hurt yourself, I'll kiss it better.

Fat Sparrow said...

Preaching to the choir, here.

Donn said...

I can gurandamntee you that this sort of tomfoolery will be tested by Ireland's ressurrected Blasphemy law which is being introduced to spare large groups of theists from having their feelings hurt.

Donn said...

..and the only good ism is a dead ism!

michael jackson said...