Friday, 28 August 2009

My Bad I Wiped Out Yer Village

The US army officer convicted for the My Lai massacre in 1968 during the Vietnam War has offered his first public apology. Lt William Calley said:

"There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel remorse for what happened. I feel remorse for the Vietnamese who were killed, for their families, for the American soldiers involved and their families. I am very sorry."

Calley, 66, was convicted on 22 counts of murder for 500 men, women and children in Vietnam and still insists he was just following orders.

He was sentenced to life in prison in 1971 but then US President Richard Nixon commuted his sentence to three years' hoose arrest which was cool cos he didn't have a hoose before then.

Soldiers of Charlie Company were on a "search and destroy" mission to root out communist fighters rounded up unarmed civilians and bravely gunned them down.

I think Old Knudsen speaks for all Vietnamese and Americans alike, "Don't sweat the small stuff pal we all make mistakes like this, bygones huh?"

The story of My Lai broke a year after it happened, its shite getting caught isn't it? Old Knudsen wonders about the value of human life, is there a scale you go by?

Based on the US rate of what life is worth nationality, gender and race commission

US Life = 500 points if white

US life = 10,000 points if white and rich

US Life = 100 points if non-white but white friendly also plus 500 if rich

US Life = 9 points if old, sick or poor

UK Life = 200 points for our special friendship you using cunts!

Other Europeans = 150 points

Canadians = - 10 points so what ya gonna do about it?

Mexican Life = 4 points or 6 points if able to do lawns or porn

Third world African children = 900 points to celebs

Asian from poor cunties = 1 point for diplomacy sake but really nothing

Back in the day during the great British empire you'd have whipped or non-whipped drinking fountains, those days were so much easier.


Nick Cage Revealed said...

so what's yer beef dude

Old Knudsen said...

They wipe out villages and still they lose ah the power of a pointed stick cover in shit compared to the mighty US military machine.

expat@large said...

Ah yes, the fugg of war, when everyone was wearing conical bamboo hats not white or black ones like in the movies, and no cunt would admit to being a gook or not! Shoot them all says Brave Sir Calley, and we'll let Old Knuds sort 'em out - by age, sex and number of bullet holes...

TROLL Y2K said...

I paid a Mexican 200 bucks to stop you from blogging. I'm assuming he's smart enough to realize that means killing you.

Obviously having no readers with an IQ above 100 besides myself isn't stopping you.

Donn said...

OMG Dude!
That, is like, so, totally, racist!

Canadians and Australians would be worth 500 mega-tera-pickle-dillion billion points..infinity!
'cause we like totally rock..totally!