Sunday, 23 August 2009

Icelandic bastards!!!!!!!!!

Kerry Katona the former singer of Atomic Kitten and now current train wreck has been fired by Iceland.

She was first blasted by the public for smoking and drinking while pregnant with the unholy sprogs of man hoor Brian McFadden the singer/poser of Irish pop group (and Manuel's fav) Westlife.

They have long since split up and has wobbled around her life popping out kids and having them held hostage by burglars etc.

Iceland ignored all the drunken/high TV appearances because she is a normal mother trying to cope with the pressures of life and oh she got her self declared Bi-polar as all the murderers and teachers that have sex with pupils do so its not her fault right?

The latest Kerry bi-polar moment is a film of her snorting cocaine through a $20 note while her two daughters were in the hoose. Its tough being a normal mother damn it try to understand.

Brian pushed the lap dancer off his lap in disgust and is trying to get his kids . Iceland has
dumped her from her £250,000-a-year Iceland deal. Not good news for someone was made bankrupt at a High Court hearing after failing to pay off a £417,000 slut tax bill.


Sweary said...

Poor wee Kerry. She wasn't looking for cheap thrills at the end of a long, fat line. She was "working very hard".

If it's one thing I've learned from celebrities, it's that anyone hard-working will be plagued by ill-health, jutting ribcages, and crystal meth. The moral of the story is: never work hard.

Donn said...

Everyone in Iceland looks like the albino Dude in the Da Vinci Code...seriously, everyone!

Northern musings said...

I thought you had actually stuck to your guns and left the bloggosphere so did not bother to look for you . so now when I do what do I find but a dig at the home that I have chosen, at least you did figure out that a shop and a country are not the same thing. the only problem is that it was a bunch of our sleezy business men that put this country in the shit that it is now that owned that bloody store... along with hamleys top shop and any other store that you can name that gives you hives....ahhhh Knutur - you just need to come see this place for yourself... lots of chavettes in Reykjavik but once you hit the country side nothing but big burly women like myself and although 30% do look like the albino dude - most of them stay in Reykjavik - close to the bleach bottle. We need all foreigners to come to Iceland and spend lots of their real currency as ours is in the poo... Will now keep an eye on all further posts by you