Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cunt, Pish Flaps, Hoor Master Jam And The Fuck Stick! ,

Those who have read Old Knudsen's blog and not just looked at the tits will know that he is a Time Lord. Well there cums a time in every Time Lord's life when his contract isn't renewed or he wants to go and do Shakespeare to be taken seriously.

Old Knudsen felt a bubbling in his belly and headed for the shitter, suddenly a great light shone forth and he was sore afraid, mostly due to the wet fart he let off for it contained the lumps of Catholic sin.

its cumming its cumming, quick get the fucking tums ya cunt!

Ah fuck its the glowing eyes I hate it when me eyes glow.

Now Old Knudsen has regenerated into Hostile 17 otherwise known to the hobo on the street as THE KEVLAR ROOSTER!!!!! Hear me crow! Hold on why would a rooster crow why not cock or something and why do crows caw and not crow?

I'm a bullet proof cock so watch me strut.

It all makes sense, still a Time Lord but with thick hair and the crime fighting vampire powers from when Old Knudsen became a vamp through a bad transfusion. Yeah fuck crime I just wanna suck gurlyboys dry.

The shite part about being a Brit Time lord is when you regenerate yer teeth are still fucked up, thank you NHS.

I believe that I started this blog on the 14th August 2006 (don't mind what the profile says believe the first post and the fact you were there to read it .......... not!)

Now I shall end this blog on 16th August 2009 which totally makes it 3 years so read and re-read this post until then. Find me if you want I'm off to bite Shakespeare in the park.

You may remember the title of the post from my first LP, yeah I'm sure you do maybe you have that number one 78 around somewhere. I just wanted the title to cum up on the sidebar of those who have the titles pop up on their blogs.


MJ said...

Now I shall end this blog on 16th August 2009

Well, since it’s the 6th now, we’ll be expecting 10 more posts.

I want you to win a Tony Award so I can sing this little ditty to you as you mount the stage…

This show could not be any gayer
If Liza was named mayor
And Elton John took flight
The curtain falls
I'm to hit some Tony balls

mago said...

WIll it go with a bang?

just bob said...

I don't see any tits on this post.

Leah said...

...or a whimper?

dai said...

I love Shakespeare's tit's and blue-cheese.

I also really like "Kevlar Rooster", it's a great name for a song or a band. If I ever use it i'll mention your name.

TROLL Y2K said...

You're a bad person.

Nick Cage Revealed said...

this blog was doomed from the start. i would like more pictures of cool trucks.

Boxer said...

you're a funny person.

TachaƩ said...

the queen looks a bit plump lately.