Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hey Nice Pump

While Woohoo and her friend are off playing the slot machines I had to tell ya something I recently discovered.

A while back I did a post on how you'd see bikes and police cars parked outside of IHOP and half the police station in there eating. The police eat for free in IHOP.

Old Knudsen isn't saying this is some kind of watered doon protection money oh no he has the ultimate respect for the peelers as long as the cunts don't pay him any heed.

On the mainland UK police are unarmed and have to supply their own knife proof vests, a brave lot but thick as shit.

In Northern Ireland they have guns and get some respect cos the criminals mostly only have crappy weapons since in the UK even the more powerful BB guns are not allowed and you even have to explain why you have a box cutter if questioned .

In America everyone has guns and the police get no respect, then they put them on bicycles with their balls hanging out and on segways.

If a peeler gives a youth a cuff round the ears or constant rabbit punches to the head some wanker will catch it on their cellulite phone.

Justice is blind so be the same and let them do their jobs with their kick backs from IHOP. I've got a stack of work er I mean pancakes to work through.

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