Monday, 29 June 2009

Phil Spector Raped In Prison Shower

Phil Spector who is famous for building a wall or something is in prison right now for murder. He has a history of abusing weemen and ending up shooting one............................... with a gun.

50 million non-murdering Americans are without health care but Phil and all the killers and pedos in prison get it so if you are against socialised health care then you support pedos and killers ................ makes sense to me and shame on you.

Phil has also put in a request for 3 luxuries that rich prisoners are entitled too. He has asked for a telly, Ipod and a computer no doubt to read his favourite blogs The raping jape and The Thrall report .

What does that say about a cuntrie that is cutting funds that help its more vulnerable people so it can own car companies and keep the gheys oppressed and make sure the criminals are kept happy and healthy?

Not an Anti-American rant but it is the truth. Oh we won't waterboard terrorists but we will cut the income of someone with Alzhiemers cos are they going to notice anyway?

Poor Spector is so worried about this that he lost his hair over night, he'll feel guilty when he watches American idol and whacks off to Interweb porn. How can he be so ugly with only one head?

Spector won't need eyes in the back of his head in the cushy prison he is in but he may have to get more creative with his hair do's.

Remember rule # 1 to fuck ugly men: Never kill a woman who is willing to have sex with you even if it is fer yer money.

Old Knudsen needs to write a life survival book as many of yous don't have a clue.


tony said...

I didnt like his hair at first but the more i look at it the more it grows on you............

Momentary Madness said...

Sad man.
The real Golem/s of our time.

Donn said...

Brilliant post..super funny..that Scooby connection is amazing..

Spector's famous "wall of sound" is about to get plugged...

and Bernie Madoff got 150 years HAHAHA!
Whatever give me my money Bitch!
Dead man walking!