Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Live Short And Die In A Fire!

Old Knudsen once has his bits mixed up with a Vulcan during a transporter fuck up or malfunction as they would say.

I went around squeezing weemen's arses in the Vulcan death pinch using the old 'confused state defense' Poor Old Knudsen he doesn't know what hes doing.

Of course I did make an attractive Vulcan, I had the charm and the logic, "Yer a woman I'm a handsome man lets fuck like space bunnies".

I busted many a Vulcan wormhole. Yes the stories are true but those weemen had better not be expecting any space child support from Old Knudsen. I got meself back to normal but the Vuclan half with all the baby daddy DNA died, tis a sad story.

Old Knudsen went on to become captain of his own ship the USS Syphilis but due to a discharge in the warp core the ship exploded killing all hands and feet. Captain Knudsen was taking a little R&B on the pleasure planet of Dildoss collecting new germs and new infections, boldly shagging what no sane man had shagged before............... so a happy ending, well he came.

As the Vulcans say, "Vulcan unless you can Vulnot." Those pointy eared cunts say a lot of boring shite.


MJ said...

Have you ever had a Vulvan?

Old Knudsen said...

Is that where babies cum from?