Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Old Knudsen Salutes The Cannon Fodder

On Saturday in Belfast a crowd of 50 scum-bags walked down a the city centre street in protest at the raising of the armed forces flag at the city hall. They were stopped by police officers in riot gear.

The police said that because the group stepped onto the road their protest became an "illegal parade".

The crowd dispersed a short time later after some chest beating and shouting. Obviously the types who talk big in crowds.

These were Republicans, a dirty people out of touch with real people and not caring what they think anyway. Oh sorry Irish Republicans not the Yank ones, oh no they are fucking cool and in touch with the common folk, vote Palin for Presidential MILF!

Britain out of Ireland, if ya don't like collecting British government unemployment benefits then the 50 of yous should move south to Ireland. Then there was those Fenians who bravely tried to get the kids to throw half bricks at the Protestant bands, unlike previous years the kids said, "Wise a bap mister". Times they are a changing.

For those 50 dickheads who no doubt went to the pub afterwards to mouth off and then went home to beat the wife and kids there is something they should know.

In World War One 210,000 Irishmen served in the British forces no conscription, about 35,000 of them died.

In World War two it is estimated that 70,000 neutral Irish did the right thing and joined up in the British army to fight the Nazis between 10,000 and 20,000 died.

Those veterans upon returning to Ireland kept their military service a secret due to the stigma from their fellow cuntrie men of having served Britain, many vets of WWII still do not like to talk about it and will never be honoured.

Old Knudsen salutes those past and present who have served the King and Queen no matter what nationality and those idiot protesters are not fit to lick shit off their boots.

Monday, 29 June 2009

We're Having A Heatwave A Sassenach Heatwave

Mostly in the south of England this week there will be a heatwave. 33C which is 91.4F. This heat will no doubt kill off the odd Sassenach and will be major news.

Do I need to tell you that here in the Inland Empire 91F and above happens every other day, Old Knudsen isn't necessarily acclimatised to it he just don't take shit from hot or cold weather.

Mad dogs and Old Knudsen go out in the midday sun.

Back in the day I'd be serving old queen Vic oppressing the wogs for their own good, I'd stand in the sun for hours flogging lazy fuzzies only to have the ungrateful cunts rise up in the night and try to kill us.

Anyway it is Gods punishment upon the southern English as if you notice that Scotland and Northern Ireland will be mostly spared. Repent you soft English and stop yer incestuous cuntish ways.

Phil Spector Raped In Prison Shower

Phil Spector who is famous for building a wall or something is in prison right now for murder. He has a history of abusing weemen and ending up shooting one............................... with a gun.

50 million non-murdering Americans are without health care but Phil and all the killers and pedos in prison get it so if you are against socialised health care then you support pedos and killers ................ makes sense to me and shame on you.

Phil has also put in a request for 3 luxuries that rich prisoners are entitled too. He has asked for a telly, Ipod and a computer no doubt to read his favourite blogs The raping jape and The Thrall report .

What does that say about a cuntrie that is cutting funds that help its more vulnerable people so it can own car companies and keep the gheys oppressed and make sure the criminals are kept happy and healthy?

Not an Anti-American rant but it is the truth. Oh we won't waterboard terrorists but we will cut the income of someone with Alzhiemers cos are they going to notice anyway?

Poor Spector is so worried about this that he lost his hair over night, he'll feel guilty when he watches American idol and whacks off to Interweb porn. How can he be so ugly with only one head?

Spector won't need eyes in the back of his head in the cushy prison he is in but he may have to get more creative with his hair do's.

Remember rule # 1 to fuck ugly men: Never kill a woman who is willing to have sex with you even if it is fer yer money.

Old Knudsen needs to write a life survival book as many of yous don't have a clue.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dead Celebs Are The Best Kind Of Dead

Billy Mays the annoying bloke that shouts at you on TV infomercials was found dead in his Florida home, in Florida. If people die in groups of three then expect another two. Old Knudsen will take requests on who you want it to be.

The pitchman for OxiClean, Dong Glo and Kabum butt plugs, 50 year-old Mays who could be a Baldwin was found naked with a rope around his neck and genitals attached to the ceiling by OxiPutty in what experts are now calling a Dangerwank .

OxiClean stain remover should get the carpet below nice and clean.

Unsexy Sunday

Firstly why the expression? and why does she have nay pubes? does she have cunt cancer and is going for chemo or something?

Probably an attractive lass but here she looks like a mong with a well developed camera.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sexy Saturday

You knew it was just a matter of time. Old Knudsen is on a macrobiotic diet and exercises for 3 hours a day. To be honest macrobiotics taste like shite and its the 3 hours of boaking that is toning my body, ah well better out than in.

I have to get into shape for my new movie role in the martial arts film Enter the drag queen . I play an LA cop (with a Scottish accent) sent to investigate a murder among the drag queens in China toon. I get to do all kinds of thrusts and grapples it should be out in time for Christmas then I'm straight into the movie Transformers post op fun.

I have been getting rave reviews for my role in the Weekend at Brenda's film in which I'm in a hoose and the lady who owns it 'Brenda' suddenly dies leaving me with the question, what should Old Knudsen do next?

Don't bring the kids to see that one.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Billie-Jean Knows It Wasn't Yer Kid You Virgin Pedo

"Ah cruddle its a gurl, maybe she has a brother."

Michael Jackson the prince of pedo pop has died. Jason Timberland is at this minute bringing sexy all over the back of some lad to get the title.

Jackson aged 50 died after suffering cardiac arrest which was bad, that means good in case yer confused.

He died at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Holmby Hills which had to be 500 metres away from any schools. He was not breathing and had no pulse when paramedics arrived so they checked out his toys , cool action figures and the giant ride on transformers. Jackson himself was a transformer of types.

They administered CPR in the ambulance but were unable to revive him and didn't stop til they had enough because he was out of their life .

Another famous pop star Gary Glitter sent his condolences to Tito, Lito, Burrito and Jambon the other members of the Osmond Five and asked if they could delete any e-mails he had sent him.

The right and shite Reverend Jesse Jackson said, " If this was a white man not breathing and with no pulse he would still be alive". He later retracted the statement when a little boy told him that Jackson was definitely white all over.

Sad bastard fans who ignored the child abuse, baby dangling and obvious drug induced strangeness all over the world are in shock and are moon walking and grabbing their crotches and the crotches of young children as a sign of respect.

It must be noted that there has been no solid or limp evidence of Jackson ever having walked on the Moon.

We here at OBB would just like to say, "Burn in Hell you ivory ebony cunt!"

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Death To Whatever

Old Knudsen is a friend to many. Race, religion, gender, politics, sexual orientation are things he hates so don't get him started.

Old Knudsen tends to find hot weemen with oiled buttocks and thong marks more interesting for some reason. Old Knudsen will be-friend dirty Arabs because Old Knudsen can see beyond what a person is in favour of what type of person they are.

Iranians are not Arabs they are Persians, that is like saying Japanese are not Chinese, ach c'mon don't urinate on me leg and tell me its raining, a blind man on a galloping horse with saber in hand won't notice the difference if indeed there was one.

In the 80's Old Knudsen became an Iranian cleric, he studied at a Madras and then at a Vindaloo near Waterloo. It was actually a cover because the Iranians were bad then and Saddam was a friend and the British Intelligence Agency Service (BIAS) noticed that Iran had the letters IRA in it and since the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Iranians both carried out attacks on mainland England then maybe there was a connection.

The only connection I could find was they were all pedos who would kill and bully anyone they could in the name of a type of pseudo religion they had created to suit themselves.

Old Knudsen had hoped they had forgotten the Battle of Thermopylae in 191 BC in which we kicked their Persian Arab arses, sure we may have died in body but we won in spirit. Old Knudsen doesn't mind dying in glorious battle sometimes, don't knock it until you try it.

Did you know the presidential elections in Iran were fixed? yeah a real shock huh? I feel so let doon by Mahmoud Ahmadickejad. He assured me that 110% voting turn out was normal and if 10,000 people live in a region of course you can have 30,000 votes if you apply algebrak mathematics as invented by the Persians 300 years ago.

I went and threw some half bricks in protest to show them how it was done and I got nabbed.

Old Knudsen is looking for prison visitors with *files* up their holes, tell me ma get me out of here but after the shower.

*As in the ones you saw through metal with, no showing off what you can put up there MJ*

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Thick Necked Thugs Miss The Berlin Wall

One of over 100 people who left their homes

One hundred Romanians who fled their homes in Belfast after recent attacks on their Donegal road homes have decided to leave Northern Ireland and return to Romania.

25 of them had already left and 75 were going to leave as soon as they could.

A man has also been arrested charged with intimidating Romanian people in Belfast.

Shane Murphy, 21, of the Donegall Road denies the charge. Why was a man with the name Murphy (Catholic) living on the road anyway? In my day there wouldn't have been any of those types living there.

Old Knudsen's family on his bare knuckle fighting mother's side are from the Donegal road, the last time Old Knudsen was there it was a lovely place with paintings on the side of hooses and neighbours standing in groups on corners as a sort of neighbourhood watch thing breaking the knee caps of anyone different.

King Billy was so brave he rode a white everyone target me horse into battle, what a guy.

King William of Orange was Dutch and has gone on to become a hero like Abraham Lincoln and Richard the Lionheart, you know historical figures who have been white washed by people who don't read history.

15 and 16 year- old boys have also been charged with the attacks on the dirty slavs.

Talking about white wash, Che Guevara was a mass murdering hench man.

The Housing Executive which deals with low income hooses is paying for the families and members of the Roma ethnic group, to return to Romania using emergency funds.

Northern Ireland and in fact the UK in full is becoming more and more American. Is that a good thing?

The laws are changing and immigrants are getting the hatred of the people. The UK does treat its gheys better even with no freedom of speech and a state sponsored religion.

Up Shit Street

1981 the maze prison in Northern Ireland. Bobby Sands the IRA hunger striker and all round skinny dying fucker died after 66 days of hunger strike. As you all know the strike was for the rights of Catholic terrorist prisoners to be allowed young children to have sex with and pictures of the Queen to use as toilet paper.

The bold and noble British government refused to give into the demands of criminals (until 1998 when they freed them all) but after the death of Sands anyone remotely anti-British came out from under their stones.

Iran showed its support for terrorism when it re-named the street next to the British embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran. They named it Bobby Sands street.

Ha ha ha go the Fenian supporters what a class rub to the Brits . NO! this is more serious than that.
The street had the name Winston Churchill Street before it was desecrated .

The embassy staff had to use a side door in order to not have Bobby Sands as an address for incoming mail.

Old Knudsen would not be surprised if there was also a Timothy McVeigh road except he served in the Gulf war and earned the bronze star , he was from an Irish/Catholic family but not feniany enough I suppose.

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Constant Stomper

Old Knudsen is an avid gardener, a constant gardener some might say. Here he is standing in his garden . Viburnum, Pomegranate, Avocado, Ficus, Lantana and some fast growing skinny tree on the left of the picture that smells like skunk if you brush up against it, stray dogs don't like it.

Working in the garden is not work as I enjoy it however there is one thing Old Knudsen enjoys more than gardening, ok if you include torture, sex and torturous sex there are 4 things he enjoys more and the fourth would be stepping on snails.

The edible European Brown Snail or "Escargot" was brought to America in about 1850 to be served in restaurants, of course snails being more intelligent than Americans they escaped, no offense to any slimy, spineless Yanks reading.

Now a pest ............... snails not Americans though a good argument could be made for that, they eats Old Knudsen's seedlings which he doesn't like.

You can hunt snails by following the slime trail they leave, like tiny legless weemen they are, or you can use Old Knudsen methods.

If you get a heavy drop of rain near dark go outside with a torch (flashlight) when its over and the snails will be out and about. You can simulate this by heavy watering.

Why oh why do you kill them Old Knudsen? asks the pathetic tree hugger, "Cos I likes too".

Snails and their naked cousin slugs have homing devices in them from the time when the Pyramid builders The Yorkolons were doing DNA experiments on them. As you all know from Archaeological evidence The Yorkolons raced Gastropods for sport until the recession of 5000 BC and people started buying smaller 4 walled houses instead of giant 3 walled ones.

The head Yorkolon named Gog climbed aboard his mother of a ship Heathen and blasted into space in disgust.
5000 years later Gog's son Reebus came back to Earth but was chased away by blood thirsty Jews who mistook him for an Arab.

Back to snails, you can throw the buggers over walls but they will return, if you stomp them their ghosts may return but yer seedlings will be safe.

Who doesn't like popping a big Pusey spot? (zit) You lie! stepping on snails gives you a crunch and a pop especially if they have the thoughtfulness to be on a hard surface such as concrete.

Other snails may be attracted to the dead mess to feed on, get em!

Old Knudsen's record is 81 snails in a day. Last week he got 40 and the other day he got 7.

Old Knudsen makes sure to delete these creatures fast and brutally with no suffering because if some big boot appeared in the sky he'd appreciate it doing the same for him.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Still Sexy Sunday

It turned out that Woohoo from last night did have a lot in common with me, she is also a gemini and has appeared on numerous blogs.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Old Knudsen Explains

The basic rule is Anymore than a mouthful is a waste ! that rule is for amateurs that know not what they are doing.

Old Knudsen never wastes...........

You can do the pencil test if you want to, remember you do not have to have a rubber on the end of yer pencil for this but for smaller barely ripened melons you may need to plump and squeeze.

To know if they are fresh or ripe don't not be afraid to give them a good old rap with yer knuckles.
If you hear a hollow thud merely wait for the rigormortis to pass in say 24 -48 hours, it will go in the same order it came.

If you do not hear a sound except for the exclamation of pain then yer melons are conscious and ready to taste. Unconscious melons are just as good.

Melons that gravity has made go to the ground are still usable do not let the odd wrinkle or dis- colouration put you off, just be sure you have washed them before you sink yer teeth into them.

You need to study yer melons first, it is not socially acceptable to squeeze whatever ones you want without buying them. No one wants second hand bruised melons with bite marks in them.

Most of all enjoy for that is the reason God made them.

Old Knudsen's next post in which he explains will be on the ins and outs of Italian and Polish sausage. Listed will be the various diseases that can be caught fron each.

Sexy Saturday

I had nothing better to do so I knocked back a few dozen beers and headed towards L.A. on foot. Its only an hour by car so I reckoned I could do it in one hour and 18 minutes if the wind was at me back.

Several hours later I began to sober up and settled for the first bar I found. It was called The cock ring which if I'm not mistaken is the bar The Troll keeps going on about.

I met this beautiful young Asian gurl named Woohoo who paid me more attention than the shop keeper at a Mini-Mart. She said we had a lot in common but I just took that to be her chat up line and kept paying for more leg openers.

Tune in tomorrow...........................................................................

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The End Of The World ........ Again

Ancient Microbes Awoken

Under the Greenland ice sheet an ancient enemy lies in wait. It waits for the time of the awakening as prophesied by Nosferatu, Mystic Meg and Miss Cleo ........ A tiny purple bug that has been buried under nearly two miles of ice for 120,000 years has been revived in a lab.

A team of mad scientists coaxed the dormant, limp frozen microbes, back to life by carefully warming the ice samples over a period of 11-and-a-half months on simmer followed by a rolling boil.

As the bugs, named Herminiimonas glaciei, awoke and began to replicate, colonies of very small purple-brown bacteria started to appear.

Dr Jennifer Loveland-Curtze, who led the US team at Pennsylvania State University, said the cells could provide clues to how life might survive in extreme environments on other planets. They may even be injection into people to enable them to survive in space. To be tested on poor people first.

She stressed that H. glaciei was not harmful to humans even though it can pass straight through safety filters commonly used in laboratories and hospitals.

But she added that if harmful, or pathogenic, super-small bugs existed they would be hard to detect and could be the end of humanity as we know it and was totally not their fault.

After two weeks Loveland-Curtze was pleasantly surprised when the microbes invaded a co-worker and used his body to feed off and grow.

Old Knudsen's thoughts:

At a time when even superheroes find that their jobs have been out- sourced to illegal alien superheroes should mad scientists be creating baby eating monsters from 120,000 year-old germs? The answer is of course they should.

You can only distract the public so long with space exploration , global warming and ghey rights, baby eating monsters will have their 15 minutes of fame and then they will have their own reality show. Some liberals will say they are bad for us but a study funded by Pennsylvania State University will prove them wrong and that they are only bad for babies who as we know like worms don't feel pain.

One thing Old Knudsen noticed about this story. people searching for 120,000 year-old germs can find thick ice so why can't global warming worry warts?

Renown psychic the right honourable Rev. Elation also saw the awaking in a vision, he also saw a great prince of light who wore a cloth crown. He would be the anti-freeze and would fight against the great lie.

Old Knudsen does not know who he means.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Naked Truth

What is existence? If mankind vanishes will everything that has been acknowledged still exist? Do I only exist when you click on me blog? How can you be so ugly with only one head?

Someone once said there are no stupid questions only stupid answers, that person was beat to death with a half brick, shoved into a plastic barrel full of lemon (the murderer had no lime) and buried in a land fill in *Yorkshire.*

Yahoo questions is like a black-hole that mongs gravitate to in order to learn. They have the power of the Interweb at their fingers and so choose to ask other mongs instead.

Is there life after death has been a question that has been asked for thousands of years, it has now been dumbed doon to this.

If you die what happens to your facebook?

Does it delete itself or is it left all lonely and that?

We of course worry about our blogs cos we is sad fucks, especially those who have a post ready for when they die. Yes Old Knudsen's death post is extremely funny and he has also scheduled 100 further posts because entertaining you cunts for free is what he lives, er sorry dies for. I won't be commenting much but I don't anyway.

Other questions have been:

What's the difference between day classes and night classes?

Are there any differences between day classes and night classes at a community college?

Would I have to graduate later if I take night classes instead?

Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right places for their eyes?

Girlfriend aint had period since?

ok im kinda worryed here since my g/f got pregnant and all she isnt been havein her period do u think the baby is drinkin the blood??? she 6 month pregnant

How turn computer monitor into mirror?

Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to use a background that would essentially turn my computer monitor into a mirror? Scanning a mirror doesn't work.

Is it ok to touch yourself when you hear your parents have sex?

"I know it may sound weird, but my parents are still pretty young and have very loud sex and sometimes late at night I can hear them and I cant help but touch myself. Is this bad or is it something other people have done too?"

Old Knudsen would like to answer this question for his reader. It is as normal as wanking off over ghey porn and snuff films. It was ok for Jesus so it should be ok for you.......... or are you antisemitic you four by two, five by two, half-past two , box of glue and kangaroo hating cunt?

Then there is the fascination with violence. 8 out of 10 yahoo users have never been in a fight or dangerous situation of any kind but they are drawn to it like flies round shite.

Have you ever been shot at by a real gun?

How can I win a fist fight without being scared?

How do you fight someone bigger, stronger and faster that you?

Have you ever been beat up in a fight..??

Old Knudsen shall answer these:

Depends on yer reality, good training or fighting disabled people, with a weapon, yes.

Old Knudsen has questions even he cannot answer. Have a go if you dare.

1) Are there any unguided missiles?

2)Could crop-circles be the work of a cereal killer?

3)What happens if you go on a survival course - and you don't pass?

*Not the real location so don't bother looking*

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Live Short And Die In A Fire!

Old Knudsen once has his bits mixed up with a Vulcan during a transporter fuck up or malfunction as they would say.

I went around squeezing weemen's arses in the Vulcan death pinch using the old 'confused state defense' Poor Old Knudsen he doesn't know what hes doing.

Of course I did make an attractive Vulcan, I had the charm and the logic, "Yer a woman I'm a handsome man lets fuck like space bunnies".

I busted many a Vulcan wormhole. Yes the stories are true but those weemen had better not be expecting any space child support from Old Knudsen. I got meself back to normal but the Vuclan half with all the baby daddy DNA died, tis a sad story.

Old Knudsen went on to become captain of his own ship the USS Syphilis but due to a discharge in the warp core the ship exploded killing all hands and feet. Captain Knudsen was taking a little R&B on the pleasure planet of Dildoss collecting new germs and new infections, boldly shagging what no sane man had shagged before............... so a happy ending, well he came.

As the Vulcans say, "Vulcan unless you can Vulnot." Those pointy eared cunts say a lot of boring shite.

Movie Review , Star Trek The Early Years

Old Knudsen lowered himself to going to the cinema. It was a special treat for being 2 weeks clean, yes me rash has not returned but really those I e-mailed should still go to the ER as soon as possible.

I went and saw the new Star Trek film. If you don't want to know or are more interested in Transformers fuck off cos I'm talking Star Trek.

The ugly chick from the series Hoose gave birth to the ugly version of Kirk, he has big lips, big nostrils and acne scars, like Brad Pitt but not sexy.

The new young skinny Kirk Chris Pine did well enough considering the pressure, I mean its like replacing Sean Connery as Bond. Good effects, good action and pace and a good ensemble cast did help him along so the film wasn't just on his narrow shoulders.

Zachary Quinto was excellent as Spock giving him the quiet rage of someone deemed not good enough by his own but still trying to fit in. Any people from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who are loyal to the Queen would understand this.

Karl Urban as Bones was was in my opinion the best, he totally fit in as McCoy in looks, manner and even accent.

The gook was an ok Sulu, the Chekov was annoying with his playing for a laugh accent and Uhuru was hot ............... ish. I found that the green chick was the wrong shade but I'd do her anyway.

Simon Pegg as Scotty was shall we say a mistake. He doesn't seem like an engineering miracle worker and his Scottish accent is well fucked up. Silly English twat he should stick to beating zombies, Connery, Neeson and Ford don't do accents and for good reason too.

He did have a small alien sidekick which is the movie's version of an animated space monkey (See The Lost in space film) when films have comedy sidekicks you know some out of touch pitch men were involved, at least it wasn't cartoon and was seldom seen.

A red shirt did get brutally mangled which is an obvious homage to the series. The ship, uniforms and even the phasers were brought up to date and no salt shakers pretending to be medical instruments in sick bay.

The original Spock was in it he shamefully plugged his book written 10 years ago by saying the title I am Spock.

Critics went on about the original Spock being something that die-hard Trekkies just wouldn't swallow. Old Knudsen thinks those critics have watched one too many Star Wars film, this film was better than anything Star Wars has done since 1983.

No one mentioned it involved time travel up the old black hole thus creating new possible futures, the ones that have you thinking, "So would this have happened then or this?" we just don't know.

New future possibilities means that if this film is a hit (which it is) the next 2 can do anything and is not restricted by what happened in the series or the films, characters can die before their time and get replaced by people who can do Scottish accents.

Oh I saw yer guy from Stargate Atlantis in it who played the fake Scottish doctor Becket in that series, oh how they mock me.

Eric Bana who is fucking class was the bad guy Nero. If I didn't know it was him I would never had been able to tell because he had a bit of head make-up to look like a baldy Romulan.

Winona Ryder has seen a change in her stalled career and now she has played Spock's mother, not bad for someone who is only 6 years older than the actor who plays Spock.

The Vasquez Rocks or the pointy rocks that Kirk fought the guy in the lizard suit on are CGI'ed all over the planet Vulcan, another tribute I suppose. Old Knudsen would like to go to those rocks some day and skin himself a Gorn.

Old Knudsen thought he'd hate this film but no he liked it, go and see it, me and the 4 other people in the theater can't be wrong.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Sad Silly Old Manwoman

Old Knudsen will address the shooting at Washington's Holocaust museum. One of the many shootings that happen every day in America but it has caught the public eye because of where it was done and by who.

Racists are neither very deep or very smart, you might as well just hate someone because they wear bleached jeans instead of stonewashed . Hate people for what they do not what they are. Doesn't this hero look like and old woman?

James W. von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist from Maryland walked into the museum with a rifle and shoot dead a security guard before he was shot, he is still in critical condition at the time of this writing.

A Holocaust denier he had a web site full of his hatred and a self-published book "Kill the Best Gentiles!" in which he said "exposes the Jews and explains what you must do to protect your White family."

A Holocaust denier? Its true that Old Knudsen is a denier of science and any short cumings people say he has but thats different. A Holocaust denier has decided they don't like a particular version of history and so pretend something else happened, a very common occurance I'm told.

Its generally accepted that 6 million or so Jews were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Deniers say it wasn't that many or it was a jew hoax to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other people like poor wee Hitler and his people that voted for him. If you count the gheys, gimps, Poles, tinkers, Soviets and others the number of deaths would be between 11 million and 17 million people.

How do you go about telling people yer family or village didn't really die in a camp but merely vanished even though there are witnesses, logs, pictures and even remains that put them in the camps ? Considering that if you look at the Katyn Forest massacre in 1939 when the Russians when they invaded Poland and executed 22,000 Poles they considered a threat to them went mostly unnoticed or ignored by the world for decades. 22,000 people in one night by men with guns wearing leather aprons and gauntlets.

The only person more stupid than a Holocaust denier is an Atheist. Not only is God on Wikipedia but he has been in several movies, the History channel and is mentioned in numerous books and has also talked to historical figures like Moses, Joan of Arc, Son of Sam (through a dog) and even Hitler.

Von Brunn was a navy puke who joined the reserves in 1943. Old Knudsen could dissect him as being a conflicted homosexual who has been taught its wrong to pack fudge and transfers his anger onto others. A very common practice among neo-Nazis and other white supremacists.

Social conditioning and lack of intelligence also not really knowing what it takes to be a man. A man protects and respects those who cannot protect themselves, he will stand up to the bullies no matter how bad it makes him look, he keep his word and do as he says, he will use sense and empathy to do the right thing. He will follow his heart and not his ego.

According to his web site "Holy Western Empire." He served six years in prison for trying in 1981 to kidnap Federal Reserve board members because of high interest rates.
He blamed his prison term on a "Negro jury, Jew/Negro attorneys" and "a Jew judge."

Then again he also claimed to be a PT boat war hero. White supremacists also have poor self esteem and so build a fantasy world around them in which they are superior due to the colour of their skin.
Old Knudsen was just talking to George Clooney in his Italian villa about this the other day before we went into town and fucked all round us.

Von Brunn was 88 years-old. 88 is a code for the 8th letter in the aphablet which is 'H' and is used as 88 for Heil Hitler, a coeincidence? yeah probably.

Yes Obama does draw comparisons to Hitler in the way that he promised a beaten unpopular cuntrie some change and hope. He used the jaded feeling of the nation to boost him into power. That is where the comparsions end unless you say they both fart a lot. To Lennin he can be compared by wanting the people who have nothing to all be looked after. Lennin and Hitler weren't very good socialists considering they cared nothing for the people, look at the UK is socialism so bad?

No it wasn't the same shit what FDR did to the Japanese/Americans in his own cuntrie during WWII was more similar.

You get non-thinkers on the left or the right wing.

Old Knudsen is here to tell you that the Holocaust did indeed happen as did slavery. Both terrible things to learn from but not to define who you are today.

  • The moon landing in 1969 did not happen.
  • The world is only 5000 years old.
  • Not supporting the death penalty means you are for pedos and murderers.
  • You can support the troops in war for if you don't you aren't a patriot.
  • You must support the war see above.
  • Hate niggers, Jews and Catholics but only the individuals that sour yer milk or spoil yer crop, don't go out of yer way to do it or to hate the ones that did nothing.
  • If you must go on a shooting spree confine it to yerself.
  • Weemen who don't want me are leezers.
  • Blokes that hate me are threatened by me.
  • If you are against abortion then don't have one.
Old Knudsen has spoken.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

MA Won!

Old Bitter Balls favourite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the presidential vote by a landslide. A small minority of cunts who supported the hippy opposition Mir Hossein Mousavi didn't like this democratic result and took to the streets of Tehran to riot.

To try to restore order the government jammed text messages, blocked pro-Mousavi Web sites and Facebook and cut off mobile phones. Hippies just love their gadgets. If it were up to me I'd block a ton of blogs, all mobile phones and blueberry thingys and shut doon MyFace to put the hurt on the pedos.

Mousavi, declared himself the true winner of Friday's presidential race and the Kentucky Derby horse race of 2003 (which we all know was won by Funny Cide) and urged backers to resist a government based on "lies and dictatorship."

What the fuck is a government supposed to be based upon? What a bad loser, well done Mahmoud don't let the fucker get you doon.

Fucking almost ragheaded Persian cunts!

Just look at those stones .................. Fucking amateurs! How can you riot when that is the sort of thing you are throwing? Do they not have half bricks? oh thats right its the 3rd world. Forget about feeding the dirty aids ridden Africans how about wasting yer money on buying half bricks for savages?

The next CIA meeting I go to I'll bring up this idea to topple regimes with.


Everyone needs a button like this on yer cumputer. Old Knudsen has lost many readers with this wee thingy.
A funny thing. I was looking at me blog and noticed I had a pitiful 12 people on me feedburner, I did a post for Wednesday and went round facefuck and twatter then I returned to me blog and found I had 8 pathetic losers on me feedburner.

I'm sure I never touched the button that may or may not have destroyed Eddie Waring and numerous others.

Old Knudsen thinks his cumputer lies to him, this could be the start of the rise of the machines.

Be warned for as you watch the telly it is watching you..............................

Unsexy Sunday

Why so angry? Ok I may have fallen asleep after our drunken shag last night but hey you were asleep all the way through it. Oh you aren't angry thats yer sexy look ........... nice tat.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

More Tasty Than A Grilled Cheese Jesus

Christmas 2007 a man in Ballymoney Northern Ireland opens up his malt loaf to find the lifeless body of a mouse embedded into it.

Rather than saying, "Yay a Christmas miracle" he takes the baking company, D Hyndman and Son Ltd to court. He got £1,000 plus costs.

What the fuck is wrong with people these days? its dead the only harm it will do is get stuck in yer teeth. You can tell some people have money to burn.

Why during the siege of castle Monmat in 1267 Old Knudsen would have loved to have found some meat in his bread in fact he would have loved some bread, there is only so long that you can eat plague victims before going off them, am I right or am I right?

Yer sitting there chewing on a warty weeping limb for the 28th day in a row dreaming of mouse sarnies.

Fuck sake now I'm hungry.

Sexy Saturday

I don't think she is sexy but she does and thats what counts. I hope she doesn't catch crabs.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Ron Jeremy's Penis Is 9.75 Iinches Long

Jyoti Amge is 15 years old and stands at 1ft 11in/ 58cm or 23 inches tall and weighs 11 pounds. She was diagnosed at age 5 with a form of dwarfism.

Old Knudsen was wondering about, well you know. How is she going to engage in ............ you know what I mean. Would she be able to handle a normal sized one ?

Yes a normal sized phone for when she gets a job on a telephone help desk.