Monday, 11 May 2009

Old Knudsen Does It Again

I walked into a door.

Old Knudsen managed to leave his death bed to exert some political pressure in Iran. Even with death whispering Oink! in his ear he is still faster than a cockroach as smart as a coyote and with the strength of a medium sized cat he can still put doon at least 8 yanks which roughly translates as 14 French,10 Germans, 6 Fenians, 28 Arabs and 3 Brits.

I negotiated with Mahmoud using the old 'Why are you hitting yerself?' line of reasoning and many kitchen appliances. Yes Like Jason Bourne Old Knudsen fights like a woman ..... to win.

Roxanna Saberi the Iranian/US journalist has been freed from her Iranian jail cell.

She was arrested for allegedly buying wine and then the charge was her journalist license was out of date and then they finally decided on an espionage charge.

After an hour-long trial behind closed doors and she didn't even know that was the trial she was sentenced to eight years behind bars and the tiny wee thing protested with a hunger strike.

A former North Dakota beauty queen with a jap mum and a Persian oops sorry I can't get used to the new term, she has an Iranian father and a couple of degrees and a fiancee in Iran. No airhead and definitely a plucky wee thing.

Known in Iran as the walk of shame she had to walk to freedom with only a headscarf to cover her modesty as is their way. That nasty gash between her legs needs to be looked at. Right in the cunt too ...... ouch!

Kinda hot but Old Knudsen took up the cause for the Injustice and the fact that he hates bullies. Oh I haven't forgotten the 14 Brit servicemen and one ugly Brit servicewoman held hostage in 2007 and paraded on the telly, take Old Knudsen ya cunts and we'll see if you get a public apology.

I have my team picked out.

Lets not forget the nameless Iranian journalists, bloggers and gheys being held in the prisons still. A bit tougher to get them out unless I go in with a team. Mr Obama I ask again for 24 men and 8 hours and I'll have them out, get the nukes ready, make it 8 men and 24 hours, oh and could one of the men be a woman as they do make the best tea and its 24 hours when I say, "start" no that wasn't the start ............................... nor was that.

Now lets celebrate raghead style.

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Moot the Hoopla said...

Roxanna should flock off like seagulls..and I-ra-a-a-n, I-ran so far awa-a-ay, from I-ranThe thing that really burns my ass is that Ahmineedofajob doesn't even have any real power..he gets "I-ya-told" what to do by the Ayatellers in the Darth Vader outfits.

I think there was a typo..didn't you mean 140 French or 2,800,000 Arabs? Could just be my monitor acting up again?

MJ said...

Have you tried pulling hair and biting?

dai said...

well done OK, keep up the good work.

MJ said...

I know it's only been a couple of days but I miss you.

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

Heff said...

Knudsen !!! You can't quit, Damnit !!

Moot the Hoopla said...

OK, that's long enough..
I'll bet you haven't heard that in a few years eh?
We demand an ENCORE!

MJ said...

I'll make you a cuppa tea if you come back.

Selchie said...

He he, you cant keep a good man or even old knudsen down it seems. Like your team...)

happy weekend,


MJ said...

I might even take out my false teeth for you.

Nick Cage Revealed said...

Doing some jail time?