Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Its War You Hoor

So anyway hopefully the new guy in charge of Afghanistan Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal will sort out what the vast USSR couldn't. A silly American soldier Zach Boyd had his uniform off at the front while he slept.
I don't know for some the guy sleeps in his pink I love New York boxers and a don't you watch Star Trek red shirt from some ice-cream parlor.

Old Knudsen doesn't know what kind of jank training these guys are getting but the only thing you take off while out in the field, especially during war is yer boots to dry yer feet out. You sleep in yer combats and with yer rifle .............. no excuses.

His parents are saying what a character Zach is and its just like him and everyone else is laughing about it.

Old Knudsen does not think slack procedures and bad training are funny.

Old Knudsen knows funny as Old Knudsen is a clown fish. Maybe Zach is whats known in the military as a Groundsheet , that is the part of yer tent you lie on and the nickname for the regiment's cum bucket.

AchI miss the army.


dai said...

and the army misses you and your sort.

Old Knudsen said...

I was in the 2nd brigade soap droppers.