Friday, 1 May 2009

Fatwa Fridays

Old Knudsen firmly believes that religion is there for comfort. Old Knudsen does not judge all the other religions that aren't his to be wrong that is up to the Lard to burn them all but if Ragheads find comfort in beheading people then who are you to judge?

Old Knudsen would be greatly comforted if the whole middle east was nuked, I shall suggest that to Mr Obama as a way of getting rid of nuclear weapons.

Allah, Muhammad and Osama are still pussies for not accepting Old Knudsen's combat to the death challenge. Don't you find it strange that we are worried about swine flu and you can't have Muhammad without 'ham' or 'mad' ? Old Knudsen may be onto something here . You can't trust anyone who doesn't eat bacon, thats in the Bible you know.

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Cathy said...

Old Knudsen had me at "base and vile" and omg you have your own teeth? Marry me. Btw I've heard that a tree is just a nut who wouldn't surrender ground. Proud to know a real one.

MJ said...

Cathy: Yes, Old Knudsen may indeed have all his own teeth but be warned that you'll have to take out your own false teeth according to his whims.


From one who knows

Istvanski said...

But it's those infidel western pigs who gave us swine flu.

Old Knudsen said...

cathy I cannot marry you as I am promised to another, ach love is a promise delivered broken are ya rich?

MJ you can teach the newbies the way of the Knudsen.

Istvanski so Egypt who slaughtered their thousands of pigs even though they haven't had a case of flu and WTF? are they doing with pigs were just looking for an excuse?

Donn Coppens said...

I agree with the time honored resolution of If you can't beat 'em, NUKE 'EM!Man this world would be so peaceful without the tossers in that bit of real estate gummin' up the works.

Good job on the Lolslam poster! That wiener is so brave to be out with his placard..oooh-aaah!