Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dolla Got Spent

The news is grim. Up and coming rap star Dolla was shot dead outside a Lost Angles mall. He'd just stopped in at Pimps 'n' things to get a present for his mother.

Dolla real name Roderick Anthony Burton II aged 21 , was shot in the head by a thug he was conversating with.
A real shame and a tragic loss to the music industry. Police are looking for a black gangsta who keeps it real as they have to shake his hand.

Old Knudsen will be drinking his 40 oz bottle of malt liquor in mourning for his homie while two stepping to Feelin' Myself.

I gotta flock of fly women im feelin' myself

think a nigga lost his pistal how im feelin' myself

i make my own damn money im feelin' myself

you aint gotta feel me homieim feelin' myself

i stay strapped like yo pole im feelin' myself

i tell them go and they go

Thats beautiful man.

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