Monday, 25 May 2009

Curry Wants To Be Served Over A Bed Of White Brad

Dear Dateline

I am writing to complain about the interview between reporter Anne Curry and movie star Brad Pitt at the Cannes film festival in France .

Ms Curry stays on track for the first few minutes talking about Mr Pitt's role in his new film Inglourious Basterds. She then segways into his work building homes in New Orleans for the victims of Katrina .

Mr Pitt's Time magazine feature was was mention prompting Ms Curry to ask him what its like being one of the most influential people in America, this made Mr Pitt visibly uncomfortable which then made her ask about being one of the world's sexiest men which made him stammer and blush.

The interview that lasted a total of 8 minutes consisted of her of inappropriately touching him three times and every time he shifted his stance or moved his head she craned her neck so she would be face to face with him.

Ms Curry needs to lock it doon because we know Angelina is crazy as fuck and will cut her up.

Later on Ms Curry interviewed Quentin Tarrantino and performed fallatio on him while he talked about Brad Pitt. I didn't see that one but I'm sure it was inappropiate.

It is difficult enough for intelligent, talented men like Brad Pitt and myself to be taken seriously because we are so good looking and when little dolly birds like Ms Curry behave in such a manner all those decades of fighting for men's rights are destroyed and we are yet again seen as baby machines without the vote only fit for a life chained bare footed and drained at our garage work bench.


MJ said...

only fit for a life chained bare footed and drained at our garage work bench.

I shall see to it that you’re unchained if I have any heavy lifting needs doing.

Selchie said...

ah knuddie the hardships of being a sex god eh! How do you and Brad cope?....

M@ said...

that's harassment, plain & simple.