Sunday, 24 May 2009

Catholicism The Dependable Brand For Paedophiles

A 9 year inquiry into abuse suffered by children in Catholic institutions in Ireland has been described as "shocking reading" how about this instead "fucking long" at five volumes and 2,500 pages long.
I know the Irish like to stretch out jobs by leaning on their spades but 9 years? The report covered a period of six decades of abuse by priests and nuns.

35,000 children were placed in a network of reformatories, industrial schools and workhouses up to the 1980s. Hold on was that 1980 or 1880?

2,000 came forward and told the commission to inquire into the physical and sexual abuse they suffered while under Fenian care.

The commission was set up in the year 2000 after the Irish tribe leader Bertie Ahern issued an apology on behalf of the state to the victims of child abuse.

The government has already paid out almost one billion euros in compensation and legal fees to 12,500 people.

The children lived there until they were 16 and then they were cast out into the world traumatised after years of abuse, many immigrated as soon as they could.

Sadie O'Meara worked at one of the Magdalene Laundries by the Legion of Mary. She worked long hours washing and ironing customers laundry. Being the daughter of an unmarried mother she says she never found out why she ended up there and for four years suffered physical and emotional abuse in an institution run by the Sisters of Charity. Its usually the unmarried mothers and not the children that end up there often sent by their family.

Her typical account goes on to say:

"You'd be up at 6am and you had to go to two Masses," said Sadie O'Meara, a 15-year-old Tipperary girl working in Dublin.

"Your cell door was locked every night when you went in and you had a bucket and an iron bed and you couldn't look out the window. It was all bars.

"The food was absolutely brutal. And my mam died but they never told me she died. She died on Christmas Day but they never told me."

There are other accounts of various beatings with a leather strap or one of the Christian brothers banging yer head off a desk because they had a bad day.

If a sexy little 8 year-old caught the eye of one of the Christian brothers they had 24 hour access to do what they wanted or you'd be raped by the older boys, threatened and beat up by all if you reported anything.

The Christian brothers have already fixed it in 2004 that they will not have to give the names of any of the abusers dead or alive.

This blog does not sanction waterboarding for nuns, priests, popes or pedos in general. It does support putting them in a swimming pool filled with vinegar covered razor bladers and removing the ladder like in a Sims game.


TROLL Y2K said...

he Christian brothers have already fixed it in 2004 that they will not have to give the names of any of the abusers dead or alive.

That's perhaps the most awful part of the whole dreadful story. I see a more nefarious motivation than laziness for this taking NINE years.

Donn Coppens said...

This coverup stinks to high heaven!

Somebody, somewhere, must have that list of the ultimate betrayors. We need to be outraged about this and those bastards need to be prosecuted.

Cathy said...

Yea, I read about what happened in Ireland. Being a Yank and raised by the Flying Penguins of the Dominican Order I was thoroughly and soundly whipped - Monsignor McCann took care of the other intimacies. O what a freekin world this is, what a nightmare for the most precious ones. Wish I could rip out someone's intestines and make him eat em. Know any pedos who might be hungry?