Friday, 29 May 2009

Are We There Yeti ?

The Shor people of the Kemerovo Region in Siberia are claiming that something is snatching up the wild leek crop that is a staple of their diet. The thieves leave behind large footprints with clearly defined toes, similar to the prints found in the area earlier this year.

Bigfoot sightings are common in this remote land and they have received attention worldwide. An expedition headed by director of the International Center for Hominology Igor Burtsev visited the area at the end of March to study footprints found in Azasskaya Cave, but due to all the crews of the various Sci-fi channel TV shows walking about in the dark with a camera on their heads getting freaked out at every little animal sound Burtsev didn't find anything.

Vladimir Makuta a district administrator says he has received 14 new written reports of yeti sightings near the cave and the nearby Mrassu River. The witnesses say the creature is about 5-6.5 feet tall and wears socks with his sandals. Others say the beast is a visiting tourist from either Florida or Texas and its just a ploy to get visiters to the area.

Bud Ashcracker (pictured) was on holiday with his family and is from Florida, he said this, "I cum from Florida and thats a free country which means I can take what I want its my rights as handed down to Moses and put in the Constitution and if I want to take a leek I shall for I is American."

Argue with that you Siberian commie bastards.


MJ said...

I can't tell without removing this guy's headpiece AND also seeing his penis but I think we've posted the same man today.

BEAST said...

Whats with these commies eh !

M@ said...

I heard that a yeti was beaten by two white men and plans to file suit. Never mind blood, they're out for money.

Boxer said...

where's the filth? Oh, wrong Blog.