Sunday, 19 April 2009

What A Shite Cuntry

Why the fuck are we spending so much money and wasting so many lives in Afghanistan? Sure old Knudsen is all for Imperialism but do it right for fucks sake.

If Russia at its peak of fitness cannot keep Afghanistan then I doubt the pathetic NATO and half a job America can do it.

Afghanistan is now our ally. Afghan President Hamid Karzai the fuzzy hat wearing fuzzy who licks western arse on a regular basis wants the foreign troops to stay because it they didn't he'd be put up against the wall and shot. Its not about votes its about brute strength.

A new marriage law was passed, it says a husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse. It also says when she may leave the hoose alone.

If this is our ally then what does that say about us?

300 Afghan weemen decided to protest the law holding banners that said "We don't want Taliban law." They were surrounded by about 1,000 law loving men who pelted them with small stones and shouted "Death to the slaves of the Christians!"

So not wanted to be raped by yer husband makes you a Christian? I thought not thinking too much and being morally smug made you a Christian.

Having sex 91 times a year in a marriage is a little unrealistic and to be honest who would want to? well Mel Gibson would but not with his wife.

The law would only apply to the cuntries Shiites (pronounced shites) thats only about 30 million people.

The weemen aren't too bright, they don't want foreigners helping them and they don't want Taliban type rule again, typical weemen they can't wrap their lovely little heads around anything more than casseroles and trying to avoid having sex with their husbands.

Shiite backers of the law say that foreigners are meddling in private Afghan affairs, and the demonstrations brought some of the emotions surrounding the debate over the law to the surface.

Well its called blogging you shite and if someone is being a cunt then I'll call them a cunt. I'm all for the oppression of weemen and don't mind a wee bit of it myself but I really do think its time we either left such cuntries to their ways and say, "fuck you our cuntry is in a shite state we're off" or we can nuke them or as I have suggested for years replace all the stones with nerf stones.

Instead of being stoned to death you can be stoned to fun and its great for the whole family. Unlike the American version of being stoned it doesn't rob you of yer memory or ambition.

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Leah said...

Don't get me started...

I liked your rant though, it was grand.

Muslim women who wear the screen over their eyes are now, in some places, expected to wear a veil over the screen over their eyes.

I think the hijab (is that what it's called?) that allows the face to be uncovered is just part of some good clean sexy bondage and discipline game that the men and their ladies enjoy. The face covering on the other hand, well...that seems like a somehow less fun sex game, doesn't it?

TROLL Y2K said...

Afghanistan has a total population of only 32 million of which about 20% are filthy shiite muslibs.

So, your "about 30 million" number is wildly inaccurate.

Your hero Obama wants to increase the USA commitment to "building a nation" in that hell-hole, btw.