Friday, 10 April 2009

The Sun Has Got A Hard On, Hip Hip Hip Hooray

The Muslims and Fenians are too ascared of Old Knudsen to put out a fatwa on him so I have aimed my mocking and scorn at another bunch of folks who may not seem like a threat instead they look to be more of a target ......................... for mockery.

Look at the Orthodox Jews as they read my blog from the time of Jesus, not laugh or a smile. What about the time when Jesus tried to turn my pish in wine and got people to drink it, fuck that was funny. Me and him were the reason they ran out of drink.

The boy with the clapper is clearly not getting the wit, ach this is so distressing. What about that hat? yer supposed to take it out of the box before you put it onto yer head.

Lugh the sun god or 'shining one' was worshipped as the God of Fire, he also presided over metallurgy, crafting, weaving, toe nail clipping and served as protector of the weak. He was a fucking hunk of manhood. In fact was often associated with the Greek God Apollo.

Sun god, son of god ach I don't know. The sun in non gook like culture has always been male and the moon female.

There is only one other that deserves the mantle 'The shining one' :::::sighs::::::::

You can try all you like Jonathan Frakes of North and South and Star Trek the next Generation fame but you sir are no Donn Coppens I say good day sir! .................................. I SAID GOOD DAY!

If we end Zionism that ends funding and protection. The Jews will use their nukes and the ragheads will use theirs and once the middle east is a car park (parking lot) I guess there will be peace but we can't drill for oil for 1000 years, you selfish bastards furry faced cunts, never trust a beardy.

Not to alienate my one known Jewess that reads me. I'm sure that deep doon she knows she is in the wrong faith as does everyone else who isn't into Presbyterian Sanatoria which is a kind of voodoo, Protestant faith founded by the late Hugo MacRath in 1963 when he met with an angel from Hell while on an acid trip in Morocco.

So them der Orthodox Jews. I used to think that Orthodox was a back doctor, ever have one of them adjustments? I've love to have one, so far to date like hypnotism an attitude adjustment they just didn't work. Ok ok shut the fuck up I'm talking about Orthodox Jews here.

Old Knudsen does not believe in the existence of science nor the existence of normality or reality, c'mon just think about it and you'd find it was all just lies fed to you from the Mothership.

On Wednesday the sun which is a hot star had its birthday according to the OJ's There was a blessing said upon it that hasn't been done since 1981, that is the year when Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision song contest and Wings broke up. The Yorkshire ripper kills 13 weemen, the first Space schuttle was launched and Bobby Sands started his hunger strike in the Maze prison. The Pope and Ronald Reagan were both shot by amateurs which no doubt lead to Reagan forgetting how he funded rebels in Nicaragua . Israel bombs Iraq and Beirut even though its the Iranians who are the bad guys this year.

Princess Di got married ......................... she was lovely wasn't she?

The OJ's say the sun is in a perfect state, this is independently backed up by Astronomers , Astrologers and Ass-bandits.

According to belief the sun is now 5,769 years old, sounds a bit high to me but its more believable than that billions of years shite. They use the word million, then billions and trillions and who really deals in numbers like that except cunts?

Happy belated birthday sun and hope you have another 5,000 more.

As for Orthodox Jews, you lot are fucking nutters ............... and ghey.

I shall await some kind of retaliation.

I think we can all agree that Natalie Portman is one hot female of the Jewish faith and I just want to fill her with the true love of god.

Um I mean as she is here. I've never been with a circumcised woman before but I have fucked a blind double amputee, nothing to do with the post I just like to tell people.

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Selchie said...

LOL! See you're on good ranting form today. Like the drink joke... Is there anything that is beyond old Knuddies scorn...? Yeah reality shmeality.. lets call the whole thing off.)

Happy Easter me old mukka)

Leah said...

Your one known Jewess here, digging the post--and yesterday's--"beardy big-nosed Deity killers" had me smothering laughter in my MIL's living room looking like a nutter.

Anyway, at least I don't feel left out.

And you know those giant cheese wheel fur hats? They cost upwards of 5,000 dollars. They make special custom-fit waterproof rain covers for them. You can't be an Orthodox Jewish man without one, you know. It's from a later rabbinical writing.

And if you can make a good case for your The Faith in Gog First Tabernacle Presbyterian Sanatoria Church of our Lard I'll consider making a donation.

expat@large said...

I was still making my mind UP! over this sack-religious post till I saw Natalie nekkid. Knudsie, ya got my vote!

MJ said...

Leah: In return, Old K will make a donation to your sperm bank.

donncoppens said...

I think it would be fair to say that we'd all love to be Natalie's Portman.

That picture of the 60s chick lightin' her cigar is awesome!
I'd caption that Labia Menorah.

Boxer said...

you still have your Man Crush on Donn?

Old Knudsen said...

Selchie Everything is up for grabs as I invoke the fire of passion for a living. Ever wonder about the name Mucker? to muck around with I suppose I also think it has to do with horse shit, lets muck out those beasts.

leah People that can have their way of life or beliefs poked at in a non attacking way and still laugh deserve respect. Like slagging off poo pirates and to have them join in its great!

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

Aristotle is credited with having said that, he stole it from my blog of course.

expat this is not a democracy mine is the only voted needed but do clean the blog off after yer done.

MJ Killamory express? yes that will do nicely. What is it with Jews and jars of sperm?

donn Speaking of vampires I wish someone would clear up if the star of david works against them, anyone but Anne Rice can give their opinion.

boxer do you have a problem with the future Mr Knudsen?

He has the perfect head size you know.

Boxer said...

I know there is no way I can compete with The Donn.

TachaƩ said...


Maxi Cane said...

What was the name of the amputee you fucked?

It would be crazy if we did the same one.

Foot Eater said...

The Shining One? Never knew there was a sequel. Does Jack Nicholson get thawed out, then?

Oh, and by the way: if you're going to mention blind double amputees then have the good grace to provide a picture or two. I don't know if you realise it but people are starting to think you're going soft. Get a grip on yourself, man, for Christ's sake.

Manuel said...

I have spoken with the lads and we have agreed that yer nat worthy of a fatwa.....sorry.......

Mrs Pouncer said...

I am the only other known Jew in these parts. The level of discourse here belongs in the gutter. Appalling. And where are all the unknown Jews for fucksake? Where is Dr Maroon, for example? Prick. I am a bit pissed.

Old Knudsen said...

boxer unless you grow back the beard.

tachae bless you.

maxi Cane Bill I think.

Mr Eater I bet you've shined a few in yer time.

Manuel Interfere with the drinking huh?

Mrs Pouncer I've never heard of you so you are not known, and don't call Maroon a prick.

Do I get a crazy OJ fatwa or what?