Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Stop World Hunger Blogging Day

Many people in the world have conniptions if they miss lunch and complain about low blood sugar that makes them cranky.

These people need to get over their horrible suffering. They know that stopping into McD's for a big mac extra yuck or getting off their lazy arse and cooking will stop their pain.

What if you haven't eaten for days and just don't know if you will be getting any more food and where will this cum from?

Rule of thumb in surviving: You can go 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

The experts that make up this shit also say you can survive on just 15 minutes of sleep.

I don't know about you but I'm no good without my 14 hours. You are looking at my picture and thinking that I get a lot of unnecessary beauty sleep aren't you?

There is existing and there is living. Existing is the thing so many people around the world are doing.
Not just in arsehole 3rd world cuntries like France and Italy but also in 2nd world cuntries like America.

Fuck Africa there is no helping them unless you uninvent the AK47. The place is too big too dangerous and too backwards, the Pope is right in telling them not to wear condoms if anyone knows how to achieve sneaky genocide via aids its him.

Fresh and Easy is how I like me weemen and its also a grocery store in America owned by Tescos which is a Brit company. Food is marked doon to sell for the next day its out of date and if it isn't sold then it goes to homeless shelters.

If only every store did this, out of date food depending what it is can still be consumed safely and also it might make the difference to someone by helping a shelter survive. Fresh and Easy have some fucking good stuff.

There is a surplus of food in the world, the only problem is the logistics of getting it to where it is needed, the cost and the will to do so.

Create some good karma for yerself and the world. When given the opportunity give what you can to a charity or seek out yer local food bank and help them.

Old Knudsen will do his part and go and have a fry up as me belly thinks my throat has been cut.

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