Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Saturday Informer

Patrick Swayze died at his Beverly Hill's home of pancreatic cancer he was 56.

The Dirty dancing, Ghost and Next of kin star had been fighting the disease since 2008. His last words were concerning the ratings of his show The Beast.

Also Apocalypse Now actor and former US president Martin Sheen has died of a heart attack aged 68. Sheen who was a big believer in UFO's founded the California United for Non Terrestrial Species and was in Northern California on a stake-out of the skies near Lampton Mountain a UFO hot spot.

Old Knudsen will keep you informed when # 3 happens.

On an upbeat note, Donald the cute wee puppy was rescued from his home when it caught on fire killing all 5 occupants. Donald only suffered a little bit of smoke inhalation and is said to be doing fine.

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Emerson Marks said...

You can shove Ghost up your arse, but tell you what, still can't believe Swayze didn't get a golden globe for his performance in Roadhouse. It was mega.

Carnalis said...

President Bartlett is dead?? *the world is doomed*

Istvanski said...

Rubbish. You'll be telling us next that the Wicked Witch is actually dead.

MJ said...

I am dead to you since I stopped blogging, aren't I?

Well you can kiss my corpse.

TachaƩ said...

Damn I almost fell for that.

But at last!! A story where the pet lives and everyone else dies.

Old Knudsen said...

It is a sad day for us all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe MJ's dead body works wonders ... she's a SAINT!

Boxer said...

jeez, you made me google half of this schnizz.

If MJ is dead to you, can I have the cap?

Old Knudsen said...

I watched The departed tonight and Martin Sheen did indeed die, Blogjinx!