Thursday, 23 April 2009

Protection Isn't For The Weak

Ever just see someone and go yuck I wonder what kind of diseases they have? Here is a list of people that if you had to have sex with to save puppies or for free food or free puppies as food you'd want to wear a full body condom of some kind.

Ron Jeremy or any porn star in general.

The Troll. Yes this is really him.

British pop star Robbie Williams . His sweat will give you a STD.

Iggy Pop and Madonna. Look how scared Jason Timberland is, I bet he burned his clothes afterwards.

Britney Spears and Colin Farrell. Or walking herpes as they are called.

Creepy goat guys that show their packages to young gurls.

The Pope cos you know he wouldn't wear a condom.

Bear Grylls, I wonder what parasites live inside him.

George Clooney he sticks his dick into every woman alive dumps them and is still beloved.

Mel Gibson he sticks his dick into every woman alive and did you know sugar tits that the Jews start all the wars? Well what can you expect they started out as Arabs its that latin temper you know.

Courtney Love how is she still alive and what exactly does she do?

Donald Trump I just don't like the slimy con man fucker.

These two blokes/bears, you just don't know what lives in those hairs. Have the one on the right washed, shaved and sent to my tent!

I don't know who this silly looking lad is but I'm sure yer mother warned you about fellas with 'rape' on their belt buckles.

Zombies I know you can get it from their blood but what about sex? If a hot chick became a zombie would it be safe to keep her as a sex slave?

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MJ said...

That hairy bear in the red shorts...

A red bow tie would complete the look, don't you agree?

I might pluck his eyebrows while we're at it as they're beginning to get a bit "Susan Boyle".

Boxer said...

Have you been working out?

Your abs look fab.

Kopenjz said...

Once again you have given me so much to mentally digest..

I'll never understand why Ron Jeremy still has a career or an intact immune system? Huh?

The Troll is obviously deep in thought so I will not disturb him.

Robbie Williams is done so whatev.

JT realised that Brit would look like Madge (or maybe Iggy!) in a few years so he dumped her.

Colin on the other hand didn't care 'cause he would be finished with Brit that weekend..she was so nervous about catching something from him that she shaved her entire head!

Chicks dig Goatboys? They just do.

I love this picture of Der Pope which was taken as he watched Sharon Stone uncross her legs in Basic Instinct.

Bear Grylls will die needlessly in a spectacular Darwinian event which was meant to get him out of the gene pool.

Fabulous post.

Old Knudsen said...

MJ yer amazed by the boyle I can just tell.

boxer but I don't have a ghey vibe , do I?

DK if I was a goatboy would I get milked by some unsuspecting weemen? Bear Grylls is immortal.

MJ said...

Wait a minute...

When did we quit discussing Manuel's arse?

George said...

Speaking of the undead: Georgina Baillie.

I'd give her one! She's probably be one of the few gals that don't freak out when I get a nosebleed all over them.

Would give grandpa a call too, afterwards. Perhaps he'd be kind enough to advertise my blog, then.

Boxer said...

MJ - yeah, when did our favorite subject get stuck under a new post?

TachaƩ said...

I think I just wet myself ...

I would burn my clothes if any of them touched me,
I did have a dream Madonna was my best friend though ... still havent figured that one out.

Robbie Williams and The Pope suck fat dongs together so who needs to wrap it up.