Friday, 3 April 2009

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Space karaoke

Toothpaste bukkake , "brush you long time."

The very talented Kim Kardashian before and after.

Extreme Moto-cross



Tramp stamps

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Boxer said...

Fabio scares the hell outta me.

MJ said...

That boxing squirrel in headgear scares the hell outta me.

Old Knudsen said...

boxer I didn't know you knew him.

MJ we have nothing to fear but fear itself and to be honest fear is very fucking scary.

MJ said...

I take comfort in knowing it's not a lemur.

Boxer said...

Hey! At least the squirrel is practicing safe boxing.

Leah said...

Spock was my first love. I was always turned on by those Jewish ears.

Selchie said...

I know ur in hollywooood but u gotta eat Knuddie...)