Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Polar Bears 1 Morons Nil

So earlier this week a 32 year-old woman climbed into the polar bear enclosure at the Berlin zoo ................... in Germany, Berlin I think.

She swan the big droopy breast stroke with an idiot grin on her face towards the cute and cuddly fluffy wuffy polar bear.

I don't know any details about her at this time but I bet she is a hippy earth loving vegan who wants to mind meld with the noble beast of the north and maybe have its bear babies.

Guess what happened, go on guess.

Ow ow Stopinzee mauling me, our love wasn't supposed to be this vay. Vould someone fukking shoot this thing?

Lets hope she learned her lesson and the mothership can't make her talk to the animals and lets hope the bear didn't catch anything.

The news shows say, "woman rescued from deadly bear enclosure see the dramatic footage".

It was her own fucking fault, anyway I like polar bears, if I could shape shift into the form of an animal it would be a polar bear. Go a head and tell me what would yer animal be if you had the power.

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Anonymous said...

shouldna used that mackeral bodywash..

I think you are onto something with the Polar Bear thing Old K.. I reckon I would be one of them fellas too.

x kimba

Daisy said...

i'm a big polar bear fan but would probably go for a tiger...

Istvanski said...

The polar bear looked at her mammaries and thought; "Hmm, this gal packs a punch - and an Artic punch she will get".

Domesticated kitty cats have the best lives - I'd be one of them if I could.

Anonymous said...

I think she was just drunk.
A kind of bird, Albatross maybe.

MJ said...

What would you do if I said "lemur"?

Old Knudsen said...

sulky see I sold you on the polar bear thing, I like highly suggestive weemen.

daisy A tiger huh? they can't change their spots you know.

Istvanski welcome to the home of reason, it depends on the owner I suppose but yeah they have an easy life most of the time.

mago A big lonely bird that travels. All the times I've been drunk I've never done what she did.

MJ Take you off my links engage in a smear campaign and have you killed, so what animal would you like to be?

MJ said...

How about a bush baby?

TachaƩ said...

I concur on the tiger,

they need to make stricter punishments for these crazy people jumping in with wild animals.

We have bears here and if you tried to cuddle one, it would eat you and sadly then be destroyed.

Boxer said...

I was kinda annoyed they pulled her out.

Mr Coppens said...

This is precisely why I hate zoos..they never let nature take it's course..and judging by her buoyancy she would have made a generous entree!

Why oh why do we interfere with these Darwinian events? Could anyone dream up a better deterent for going off your meds and schwimmin mitt der polar bearz? NO!

I remember the last asshat who jumped the rail at a Polar Bear exhibit and had her leg grabbed. Everyone was ready to kill her! Not one person was mad at the Bear.

Now that she has proven herself to be a danger to society maybe someone will put her down.

wv is panic..honest

I would want to be something that everyone fears, has no known natural predators, lives a long life and doesn't have to scrounge for food.
I'd want to be a Lawyer.

Manuel said...

it;s beyond words......

Maxi Cane said...

Fucking serves them right

George said...

so you've got the hots for that crazy lady then?

I'd be a turtle...

cheers! George