Friday, 24 April 2009


An official at a Florida pharmacy said they incorrectly prepared a supplement given to 21 polo horses that died last weekend while they were preparing to play in a championship match.

Jennifer Beckett of Franck's Pharmacy in Florida announced that the "the strength of an ingredient in the medication to make the horse feel like a big cocked daddy was incorrect." The statement did not say what the ingredient was........... probably speed.

How could such a tragedy happen? Cute furry horses . Old Knudsen is considering closing his blog for a month in mourning . How could Floridians be so constantly stupid?

I have heard its due to inbreeding.

Speaking of stupid Miss Callyfornia Carrie Prejean was competing for Miss USA when that Poo pirate blogger and annoying as fuck cock sucker to the stars Perez Hilton who was a judge asked whether every state should legalize same-sex marriage.

Prejean replied that she is opposed to gay marriage saying she had been raised to believe marriage was between a man and a woman, her answer may have cost her the crown and she finished second to Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton.

"She lost it because of that question," Hilton said . "She was definitely the front-runner before that."

Hilton gave Prejean a zero for her answer.

Another picture of Prejean because weemen in bikinis makes Old Knudsen smile.

I admire her guts for staying true to herself when faced with a question with only one correct answer and it was Hilton's answer.

If she wanted to win there is lying but she didn't want it bad enough but we'll remember her and not the winner.

Discrimination is rampant here in Callyfornia. The blacks and the Mormons voted against same sex marriage and now Perez got to discriminate against someone who though probably couldn't be arsed voting for Prop 8 was against ghey marriage.

As wife beating crackhead Rodney King once said, "Why can't we all just get along?" then again he was high.

Who gives a fuck what some beauty pageant bint thinks? they are all twats anyway if they are in one of those competitions.

As you know Old Knudsen thinks everyone ghey or straight should suffer that punishment known as marriage, let me guess she has never been married.

Oh nearly forgot, on a side note at least 48 people, mostly Iranian pilgrims, died when a suicide bomber blew up a restaurant in Baquba, in the north-east of Iraq.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed at least 28 people detonating a belt of explosives as police distributed aid to a crowd of homeless families.

A total of 76 people................. oh whatever.

The good news is they were brown middle easterners and not cute horses and no beauty queens or queens of any kind were hurt.

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Selchie said...

AH knuddy your empathy moves me.)) I agree and glad she said what she thought, think is whole point of free speech, whether u agree or not.

Happy day my lovely,


MJ said...

This post needs more Manuel's arse.


Holy Shades Of Anita Bryant Batman!

As much as I am disturbed by Miss Prejeans intolerance I find solace in the fact that I hate Perez f*cking Hilton a BILLION times more!

Cranking the ponies with speed is probably par for the course and my guess is that Vet will be ground up into dogfood along with his victims.

Rodney King..arrrgh!

Iraqistan needs a huge enema. The only viable solution is for the CIA to lure all of the asshats into one area under false pretenses that the American Forces are too scared to go there..

then NUKE it past the 7th f*cking Century that those idiots want to live in. One would hope that there are enough virgins stockpiled in paradise to handle the sudden influx of horny martyrs.

Boxer said...

This post needs more Old K arse too.

I didn't even know Miss USA Pagents were still around. Why? Why?

Old Knudsen said...

Selchie freedom of speech only works if everyone agrees with you.

MJ A sheep shearer needs Manuel's arse.

DCMCetc Is it homophobic to hate Hilton? is it racist to hate King?
That is the fine line we intellectuals walk.

Boxer no more arse for you, is this the best the USA has to offer?

MJ said...

Supposing we were to enter a beauty pageant...

Who is lovelier?

Me or Donn?

TachaƩ said...

I care more about those poor horses than I do about 76 or 25 or 48 or even 100,000 people being blown up in a sand dune somewhere.

Almost sad. but not really.

Your better than CNN I tell ya.

Why do the verification words get bigger and easier when I get it wrong? Dyslexia is a disability ok?!

northern musings said...

What can I say - obviously the pink haired self made celebre whatever Perez (have to sound like a hilton hotel) has more power now than the sponsors of whatever that "how women should look fest" is called... where is the jihad on these events (yes I am overweight, yes I am single, yes I have a dog...and no I do not sing like Susan Doyle)...bitter bitter bitter

mago said...

Them horses will make an interesting salami.

TachaƩ said...

I agree with Northern Musings... that pageant of well manicured hoors may be famous but what a crock of shit... those hoors have no souls!!

Old Knudsen said...

MJ how can I answer this without ripping out yer heart?

tachae Strange priorities some folks have like love the cute seals but child abuse can fuck off.

Northern Muse bloggers with power is just wrong. There is eye candy weemen and brain candy weemen getting both is like a lotto win though you get to win the odd dollar now and then.

Mago they never make glue out of them anymore which is why nothing ever sticks now.

tachae when you look like that who needs a soul?