Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Old Knudsen Live - ish

les Stroud the survivorman is now live. Yes he survived and obviously died somewhere along the way. I have a love hate with this whiny Canadian. "I've got athletes foot, out here in the jungle I could die or if there was a leopard behind any of these trees I could also die, if I broke a nail it could mean the difference between live and death."

What about yon bloke who got trapped in the rocks and had to cut his own arm off? you don't hear him complaining about hang nails, well not on one of his hands anyway.

I hate the 'LIVE' shit. 'LIVE' nude weemen! this is so fucking deadist, do you know how many times I've yearned to find a dead nude woman as I walked my dog? why are the necrophiliacs not catered for in society?

There is nothing wrong with it, don't fucking judge me I know what you did last summer and it was minging, besides I like it when they lie still.

Dead or alive is it wrong for me to want to explore Dora? I bet cousin Diego wishes he wasn't such a flaming animal lover.

Grumpy old troll:

Answer me this question or I'll not let you over my bridge, "What colour of panties are you wearing?"

High pitched voice:

Can you say blue in Spanish? say Azul! Oh no sswiper the crafty fox took pictures of me taking a dump behind a bush, say "Swiper no blogging Swiper no blogging."

Stars like Elvis and Sinatra could tap into this market, 'Tonight Frank Sinatra sings dead!'

Oh that reminds me. Its the end of times and the dead are walking so put yer clocks back an hour tonight, you don't want to turn up for judgment late.

Mail me $50 and I can tell you how to get around the whole sin thing and become rich.

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George said...

I take it most women prefer to have sex with you after they died rather then before, anyway, so it would just be a case of mutual agreement. Don't know what the fuss is all about, either.

MJ said...

I broke a nail blogging.

And I've blogged with painful cramps and raging PMS as you well know.

I am a survivor in the truest sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

The "Division Azul" was of no use. Mail you fifty of these american "money" - you can have a spare-Euro, that should do for a month!
The German survivorman is named Rüdiger Nehberg, he munched away on Amazon spiders, African worms and roadkill: It's eggwhite (Eiweiß) after all, isn't it? Now he makes his living by touring the province and giving lectures - with pictures.

Mister Coppens said...

I heard about the controversy regarding a Tweenie version of Dora but aye chihuahua!

I had no idea that she was going to be that hot? Hannah Montana is in big trouble now.

I would like to see a pay-per-view survive-off between Les and Bear..or maybe a Kumatai to the death? Those guys should be able to MacGyver some interesting crude weapons from crap they find lying around. You'd watch that right?

Tachaé said...

yay zombies!