Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Old Knudsen Honours A Fellow Blogger

Manuel at Well done fillet has been a mate of mine for a while. The cunt won't admit it though cos hes a cunt, didn't I just say that? Also its all politics and being a mate to such a radical blogger such as Old Knudsen may damage any hopes he has for success cos I don't play by the rules. I'm a maverick!

Besides hes a Fenian cocksucker and I'm a beautiful Protestant like our lard Jesus himself was.

Manuel has done uel for himself over the past couple of years and has been mentioned in numerous publications mostly because no one expects a waiter to be able to string a sentence together, hes like a chimp that can do sign language.

I'm one of the many who gets his blog via feedburner then I go over to slag him off. He works in a restaurant in Belfast that gets some very classy customers and if half of them could use a computer I reckon he'd be knee-capped by now. When I lived in Belfast I may have passed him on the street without knowing as we moved in the same circles and knew the same winos. (RIP Ginger Gerry)

I now give you my Manuel poem that I spent many a minute working on, the problem I had was that only runt and punt rhymes with cunt and the Irish were stupid enough to move over to euros so that was punt out.

Manuel the waiter is full of self-pity
His job his life is oh so shitty
He longs to be as great as me
Instead he mops up puke and pee

One day he says I'll write a book
The world will be forced to take a look
At the greatness of me right now in my prime
The server of chavs the bringer of whine

Norn Iron will bow as I swipe yer card
No longer a pleb, now a writer a bard
The Irish blog awards will honour me too
I'm no a prod I'm dirty like you.

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MJ said...

Where is the Fenian Cocksucking tag?

MJ said...

Feast your eyes on that big hairy Irish arse, would ya?

Did you know that I am the only person other than LMM who is allowed to touch the waiter's sugarloaf?

But I'm only allowed one go at it so I'm saving up for a special occasion.

MJ said...

hes like a chimp that can do sign language.

Only hairier!

Boxer said...

Yes, but is your arse as lovely?

MJ? You know what to do.

MJ said...

BOXER: You’ve seen Old Knudsen’s arse.

Boxer said...

I know, but I didn't have the picture.


MJ said...

Boxer: Right click, save it and use it as your wallpaper.

I alternate Old K's photo with Manuel's.

Boxer said...

It's mine now, thanks to you.

Old Knudsen said...

WTF? lets re-name this the MJ and Boxer arse watching show.

MJ said...

The MJ and Boxer arse watching show.

I like the sound of that.

Boxer: Who else has an arse you'd like to see?

That Mago's quite fit.

Knudsen: Do you suppose Manuel asks for a tip after he's done the dirty?

Manuel said...

I was wondering why my arse was red......

seriously I want copyright on that thing......

Who loves ya baby?

ya big dirty pr.....

MJ said...

G’won, Manuel.

Call me the P word.

I love it when Fenians call me a filthy P…

Oh. You were talking to Knudsen.

TROLL Y2K said...

You're evil, stupid and probably a homosexual. Manuel's blog sucks almost as much as yours.

sassysundry said...

Great ass, Manuel.

Kopenjz said...

Sir Paul said
"And in the END,
the love you take,
is equal to the love you make."