Monday, 27 April 2009

It Ain't Over Til The Fat Lady Pleads

Karen Ferguson a 700-pound woman (Texas of course) who pleaded for help finding health care on TV got a local rehabilitation clinic accepted her case.

It seems that going on the telly is the only way to gets things in this cuntry as she has been turned doon by nursing homes because of a problem with her insurance. She has diabetes and bed sores and hasn't left her trailer home in a year, let me guess its a double wide.

She expressed her fears of remaining bed-ridden for the rest of her life as her bed sores fester and her body deteriorates but doesn't do anything about it.

"That's the worst thing I could ever imagine," Ferguson said

A couple of years ago when she was a sprightly 300lbs she had open heart surgery. Why bother I ask?

That is the story and now what Old Knudsen thinks and what you should also think .

First of all Texas, WTF? is wrong with that place? Does the government do secret mong experiments on Texas and Florida by spraying the air or infecting the water ?

The left-wing touchy feely people who say you shouldn't racially profile and think alcoholism, drug and sex addiction are illnesses probably think this is an illness too. Those poor smokers and their cancers, they give those who get cancer the honest way a bad name.

Then in that same vein of reasoning we can call Hitler's genocide of the jews, gheys and tinkers etc an illness so therefore he is not to be held accountable. He needed Prozac for his superiority complex.

No one should be held accountable for their actions in case its an illness. "Please help me my liver is dying due to years of drinking" och poor man no wonder he couldn't afford child support he had an illness.

I accept lack of self respect and maybe depression would get you to 700 lbs. It has never got Old Knudsen to 700 lbs maybe he isn't ill enough or maybe he just isn't a big fat lazy cunt.

Kill yerself with eating sure but I don't want to see the rolls of fat or the resources yer using up. Ferguson's ankles cannot support her weight therefore she should be left for the wolves as she rolls around like a turtle on its back.

Who is giving these lazy fuckers food? a year of dieting might do you good, c'mon if you don't like healthy eating and small portions get up and do something about it, oh thats right you can't even use the shitter.

Her age was never mentioned nor were her family so I suspect this story that is being presented as a sad tale is really a fat tale of enabling and guilt.

Is it love to enable these people and feed them Happy meals all day long because that is what they want?

To Old Knudsen this kind of life seems to be the American dream.

If you really hate yerself then kill yerself in a faster way and stop making the rest of us suffer, do yer family want to wipe yer arse and under yer fat rolls ?

What does she offer her family who feed her KFC bargain buckets? moral support? is she funny as fuck? does she wash the dishes?

I'm seen plenty of this shit in real life,
a low education level and I bet she gets a nice wee pension or disability income because she has medical problems due to being fat. I also bet she has a car that she can no longer use and so it makes sense her son or daughter uses it.

I bet she has friends and family that think plaid shirts and combing yer mullet is dressing up.

Old Knudsen has no sympathy for those who let themselves go to the level of being useless and refuse to educate yerself because you didn't like school and blame everyone but yerself . If you can't respect yerself then how can I?

Am I being harsh on fat fucks , mongs, drunkards and druggies? What about those poor pedos that were abused as kids and so feel they must abuse too?

For fuck sake its yer choice and you reap what you sow it isn't rocket science. action re-action.

If Old Knudsen dusted off his Heckler & Koch MSG90A1 with scope that so happens to be

Old Knudsen's weapon of the day

and went out and shot all those fuckers that annoy him a SWAT team may be called and while Old Knudsen would take a few doon with him he may be fatally shot.

While many would applaud the latter part Old Knudsen has not accomplished many of his dreams . Yes they do include Gerard Butler, Donn, Rachel McAdams along with many more also rope, privacy and duct tape.

So Old Knudsen can see if he did this what would happen so therefore won't be doing it until his dreams are completed .

Consider this an uplifting learning post.

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dai said...

hmmmm... guns. can i use that one to shoot hitler?

MJ said...

Would you still love Donn if he let himself go like this?

TROLL Y2K said...

That's a fine weapon and I agree with most of the post. But why did you neglect to mention that Ms. Ferguson was born, raised, and grew to behemoth size in Scotland?

Old Knudsen said...

Dai you and the guns whats that about? as for Hitler he was ill, IBS I think.

MJ Being shallow I don't think so.

Trolly Did a Scottish person bite you as a child or is it merely jealously?

Leah said...

Those are some boozums.

Old Knudsen said...

Why thank you I work out.