Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I'll Scratch Yer Eyes Out Bitch

Old Knudsen has mentioned before that he has enjoyed the odd comic book in his time. Not just the Dandy and the Beano but also superhero ones too.

Of all the heroes my main favourites were Captain Britain and Wolverine. The former being a full of himself upper class, alcoholic twat and the latter being a gruff outsider.

Wolverine has now thanks to Hollywood gone mainstream and now teenage cunts who have watched the films think they know Wolverine but they don't.

Old Knudsen actually owned this particular comic. He left it behind in a bed sit he lived in around the early 90's.

Its not Wolverine and the X-men its Wolverine in the X-men as a team player and never to my knowledge any type of leader as he was an anti-hero who bucked authority probably due to appearing not too long after Nam.

He appeared in 1974 in The Hulk comic and became Marvel's version of Batman getting his own comic in 1988.
Old Knudsen never religiously collected comics but if they were there on the shelf he might buy the odd one.

Besides Wolverine going mainstream they have made him into a cute wee puppy. The original Wolverine is 5 foot 3in built like a brick shit hoose and a total drinking, smoking barely in control brawling killer.

Do these claws and belt buckle make me look ghey?

The new Wolverine is 6 foot 2in and looks like her prefers lite beer and show tunes, too civilised no matter how much snarling posing he does.

Yes Old Knudsen is going off Wolverine. Its like Martin Riggs after the first Lethal weapon, they should have called it 'Barely lethal Weapon 2,3 & 4 ' .

I thought you'd be taller bub!

Wolverine is Canadian but has been around since the 19th century and has traveled so has been cured of the oot and aboot thing.

Old Knudsen's point is 'Popularity breeds cuntempt'.

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Sweary said...

Wolverine is a knob.

Gambit would ride him sideways, yes he would.

mago said...

Wolverine? Sounds like a cough syrup or something old women smear on their arthritic feed ...

Leah said...

God, you've killed me with your sheer wisdom. This post is fully righteous.

Plus, you used the word "cunt." I love the word "cunt," I often maintain it's the last really naughty word.

MJ said...

LEAH: Cunt.

Old Knudsen said...

Sweary Gambit being a frog would fuck anything.

Mago You drink small violent animals to stop a cough? you crazy Franks.

leah Cunt was my first word, its an acceptable nickname in the UK.

MJ yer comment should have been 'yay last!' ............. cunt.

Boxer said...

I think wolverine is hot.


Wolverine should be our next Prime Minister..but he is waaaay too tall and those stickin'-it-to-the-man sideburns have simply got-to-go!

The young man with the piercing needs to hit the bong and lighten up...seriously dude...listen to y'er Granny, she's right, you're gonna poke y'er eye out.