Friday, 17 April 2009

I'll Be Yer Wing-Man

Just before MJ went into rehab she firmly grasped my arm and asked if I had any Charlie on me, I replied to her that I only wear Old Spice or Brute.

When she could control her shaking again she warned me not to let Donn talk me into things. What is Old Knudsen some kind of fool? so any way Donn asked me if I had a bike. I answered no which seemed to bum him out so I said I could have one in a few hours as I know where a college is.

Donn brightened up at this news and said it would be a personal favour and one he would be very grateful for if I became a temporary Canadian citizen and joined their cycling team that is intent upon winning this years Tour De France which I believe will be held in France .

Donn has had a feud nay hatred of Lance Armstrong for many a year now ever since the Rock paper scissor incident of 02. I still say Armstrong hesitated and Donn's rock should have won but not being the ref I had no say, not even my petition of 10,000 names could sway the RPS club of Canada.

I shall aid Donn in his efforts to out do Armstrong in the 96th race. I have since procured a bicycle, it was over at the Mini Mart, I'm sure a BMX will do the job.

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mago said...

You're sure that there are enough cocks on the wheels?

MJ said...

I couldn't help but notice that your moose knuckle is schwinging towards Donn's.

Donnée Kopenjz said...

'Ow comes you gets ta look so bloody bonerific an' I'm at 'alf-mast?

I guess it's only a matter of time before you and i are the only bloggers out here? One of us should call Al Gore and let him know.

Donnée Kopenjz said...

I could "take" Lance no prob!
I can't even remeber what started all of this..
prolly should have never called him Willie Weinerslave but what are ya gonna do?
What's done is done.

Donnée Kopenjz said...

Oh yeah I said something about the Whoore de Lance to that chick-singer with the huge mouth.