Monday, 6 April 2009

Fuck My Other Post Donn Is Back

Yes I have a reason to live yet again, Donn Coppens has returned! Like Jesus or MacArthur, not like me Da who took 12 years to get a packet of fags from the shap.

Donn can charm the fish from the sea with his muscular arms and winning smile, they smile as he fillets them.

Donn once ran into an orphanage that was on flames and rescued all 112 orphans and their cute wee puppies.

Donn once wrestled a bear,

It was for the bear wrestling championships. He could see that baldy bear needed to win to keep his title and the respect of his young crippled son Timmy. Donn who is always in his prime could have snapped baldy bear in two but instead he lost on purpose.

Donn has been asked twice to rule the world so there can be 1000 years of love and peace, he said no as he wanted to spend more time with his family and work on his poetry that he sells giving all proceeds to charity.

An ultra top super duper secret file that Old Knudsen happened to photograph for The Company says that Donn may not rule the world but has agreed to advise world leaders and would take command should the aliens invade ................. we look forward to 2012.

Ever so thoughtful, what did he bring you cunts back? Why do vomit diced carrots never taste like carrots?

So funny as well, he has a M.D. because laughter is the best medicine, he can cure aids with a knock knock joke.

Knock knock:

Whose there? says the lazy fucker who won't get up.


Cargo who?

Cargo Broooommmm! I'd like to tell you about the lord.

Well fuck off I don't want any!

Not this joke obviously but you get the point. Donn is so funny he even made up legal letters threatening to sue me for using his pictures on my blog and for using his image to sell pocket pussies in Japan.
What a brick!

Oops just got an e-mail from Google telling me to remove all Donn pictures or I'll be closed doon, ha! it just gets funnier and funnier.

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donncoppens said...

You KILL me!

donncoppens said...

..and thanx for the "tickets to the 'gun' show!".

MJ said...

Perhaps you and Donn should take this show on the road.

Old Knudsen said...

Or to the bedroom.