Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Do You Know What I Hate?

Mean people, cruelty to cute puppies, kittens and seal cubs (the ugly ones can fuck off and die) and having one in the chamber and no time to wank.

I watched this film called Shoot em up its a camp over the top mass of action silliness and bullets, yeah its no three bad.
Clive Owen who I sometimes like and mostly hate is mystery man Mr Smith who likes hookers and carrots and is almost supernatural with a gun (Old Knudsen is better) the thing is his character is extremely angry, FUCK! I hate that type of people.

One line in the movie is:

Do you know what I hate? I hate these forty-year-old jack-holes wearing ponytails. That pony tail doesn't make you look hip, young, or cool.

Smith shoots a ponytail henchmen in the head

I like to watch people on the path outside as they walk past my villa. I saw this 40 something tanned man with greying hair done up into a long ponytail. Pretty bad wouldn't you think but he also had a sweat shirt, blue jeans and a set of small dumbbells which he carefully worked on. His poor image crime was topped by a pair of very clean white trainers on his feet.

Ok jeans and white trainers maybe during the 80's if you were youngish but that seems to be the look many middle aged sad sacks go for. Some weemen can get away with it as long as they are used for work-outs but guys think BLACK! and don't be afraid to get dirty.

The ponytail distracts from yer fat hideous features good move.

This workout guru is just fucked no matter what he wears. He is a complete tool. Its bad when Old Knudsen dictates fashion but it has to be said. I also hate it when twats are called Guru's even when they are a Guru. " So I'm a plumber," says guy #1 "Well I'm a Guru or I.T. specialist if you will." ................... TWAT!

The frontman of the British pop/pretend rock group 'Status Quo' Francis Rossi took 35 years before he realised what a twat he looked before he cut his off. Then again hes done so much coke it made his nose cave in .................... his music still sounded shite no matter how much drugs he took.

I also hate Vin Diesel. After Iron Giant I held out hope for him but now I don't. Blow yer nose ya sequel loving fast and fuzzy slap head . Of course IBS is a serious matter and if I ruled the world I'd tell those with Aids and Cancer to suck it up, all the research and funding is going to find a cure for IBS.

I went to a convention about IBS once and it was just boring men in suits talking about taxes, no wonder people are dying out there.

Speaking of dying I hate it when people say 'I'm starving' because the fat fucker hasn't ate in 3 hours, or starving to death as I skipped lunch. Or I'm dying of the cold. What a load of pampered never suffered in their lives cunts.

Go to a prison in Zimbabwe they get one small bowl of corn gruel a day if they are lucky. Now prisoners and criminals can die in my opinion but I doubt the prisons of Robert Mugabe are full of guilty people, those types seems to join the Zimbabwean police or government.

Or people that say 'oh I could never eat that or I could never take another human life' well you just haven't been desperate enough yet, pray you never are.

Old Knudsen likes to end his posts in a positive way. I do enjoy a nicely presented pair of tits. Sure stuff em, prop them up, lie to me I just like the sight of of well presented baps.

I also like Rachel McAdams, I'd use her shite for toothpaste if I believed in tooth brushing.

I also like Donnverine but he doesn't know I exist ............ except he really does. I think I shall rename all my children 'Donn' and my penis is no longer named Kenny, he is now 'Donny' you have to put a 'Y' or 'IE' on the end of some names, its a cultural thing.

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Daisy said...

the list is too long to state what i hate...but i agree with the ponytail analysis...what cracks me up is usually they are sporting hats because there is no hair on top of the head...go bald...be proud!

Leah said...

I most especially hate when people say they could never take another life. REALLY? There's NO situation in which they could do that? a. they have no imagination and b. they're not joining my post-apocalyptic feral tribe, no matter how hard they beg.

donncoppens said...

The worst Ponytail in the world belongs to "that workout guru" who apparently we're not supposed to name here, but you're right, he looks like an idiot.

I love Clive Owen because he seems to pick HIP projects and let's face it he could have been 007 but he didn't want to get the marketing kiss of death that it took Connery 30 years to overcome.

I love Rachel Mac isn't she a sweetie. I don't mind admitting that I cry everytime I watch the Notebook and someone tell me why James Garner didn't get an Oscar for that?

Vin is having a rebirth with another Fast & Furious..back to square one Vinny don't try and do any more Kid's movies puh-leeze! You is what you is just count your lucky stars.

Thank you for the lovely Donnverine picture..am I allowed to borrow pictures of me made by other people?
Anyway can you explain where those steel daggers go when they detract..I mean look at the length..he wouldn't be able to bend his wrists would he? Which could be a problem because he has some definite anger management issues and he doesn't get to meet many girlverines..know what I'm sayin'.

Boxer said...

you and Donn are continuing your "Bromance" I see.


MJ said...

Up until now, it was the love that dare not speak its name.

But Boxer has outed it as BROMANCE!

Anonymous said...

McAdams is a nice sight.

What were you talking about?