Friday, 17 April 2009

The Dating Game

57 year old straight man looking sex partner — Bakersfield

"Contact Me!" Bakersfield, California, United States Date Posted: Oct 19 I am a young 57 year old man looking for a female who needs to be spoiled lots of foreplay love oral sex and love satisfying my women! If interested please e-mail me!

They forgot to add: I am a millionaire, love to give foot rubs, interested in brains not beauty and I insist on doing the hoosework.

Now this is how its done:

Well over 157 year old straight-ish man looking sex partner.

I am a young old man looking for a female/male/gurlyboy/attractive farm animal who needs to be spoiled lots of foreplay, oral sex and satisfying love for me hopefully! You'll get what yer given and be glad of it.

If interested please e-mail me.

Weemen love to be treated mean to be kept keen, thats in the Bible you know. All that touchy feely its all about you crap no one believes it.

Just look at me, I know I'm a bit of rough but to say you caught something from me can probably get you a book deal.
Some people say I'm a narcissist but I'm not cos I believe in free trade. I do however love myself because in John Chapter 4 verse 37 he writes: "If you can't be with the one you love then love the one yer with" and that is usually me I'm with as I am a very lonely old man.

My Bible is the King William version by the way.

Oh and in return for leg numbing multiple orgasms Old Knudsen expects full loyalty or you'll taste the tip of me dagger.

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MJ said...

Who is responsible for making the tea?

Donnée Kopenjz said...

Who could resist? Especially any attractive farm animals HAHAHA!

I am impressed that you have a copy of the King Willy Bible..those are hard to come by.
My old King Canute version is falling to pieces..but it sure makes one helluva doorstop.

Boxer said...

You'll do anything to get Donn, won't you?

Anonymous said...

" leg numbing multiple orgasms "


Old Knudsen said...

mj you have to ask?

donee The Canute version was too dark for my liking and too many car chases.

boxer But I won't do that!

mago never had them then?