Sunday, 26 April 2009

Click It Go On Bitch Click Now No Faster And Harder

If you like telling weemen what to do and how you like it etc but being weemen they never listen, well this might be of interest. A woman that does what you tell her to do. Sure Old Knudsen sees weemen as equals oh not to himself but to things like human- men and butterflies and such.

Even Old Knudsen's charm fails on the odd leezer type woman but not on this one. Weemen

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Leah said...


That is downright disturbing.

Who was that woman?

Anonymous said...

This nice Asian girl is drunk beyond recognition, she doesn't even know her name.

MJ said...

Mistress MJ likes telling everyone what to do.

Boxer said...

Is that a Cadbury Flake Bar?

Jeez, I love those.


Where is the rest of her?
I got a HUGE warning about malware from Google when I got there..
she must have cooties!

What did she do to you?

Old Knudsen said...

I really don't don't know what the malware was about as I and others didn't get it but some got the warning. I'll disable the link.

Leah said...

Knudsen--I got the malware warning when going to my own site, and I'm still getting it when I visit yours. I fixed the problem on my site by disabling my bootleg statcounter, Turns out it's been flagged as a malware site, so if you have its javascript embedded on your blog, that would be causing the problem. I don't know if you use goodcounter or not, but just wanted to give you a heads up--

Old Knudsen said...

Just did the same myself, thanks!