Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What Does It All Mean?

Go into politics young man, a war hero from WWI like you should do well, just don't run with a bimbo from Alaska.

Old Knudsen has figured out the meaning of life and how to solve the world's problems but yer capacity to the flexibilities and freedoms must not be hampered by the procurement of autonomous across-the-piece benchmarking that you as the populace have been guilty of since time had memorials.

The mind is like a parachute, it only works when you pull the rip cord so I advocate area focused reminders of who you are and where you cum from.

It is true we are all stardust but no blue sky thinking will ever champion the cause of the thumbs that power Lara Croft to shoot at baboons. Core developments and training must be actioned if we are to communicate with our inner deity and to tap into community engagement in order to be a beacon to shine for the potentialities and predictors of beaconicity.

To sum it all up we may nay we have to bottom-up no matter the gateway review of said humanity ambassadors and their gaff huf rimming. We have to look around and see the coterminosity of the whole cascading external challenge if we are to Facilitate a fast-track to end genocide , world hunger and male pattern baldness.

Citizen empowerment of the soul is needed and no one can do this but you. The core principles being ones of cross-fertilisation and community engagement.

You see when you put it into plain words it all distorts the spending priorities of a morally corrupt cunt-box. Thus giving us a framework for the quantum rationalisation for thinking outside of the cunt-box.

Old Knudsen would like you all to cautiously welcome this challenge as it is quite visionary and risk based away from yer usual comfort zone.

Our partnership working towards this network model of spiritual chaos I suggest we all step change to sow the seedbed for a transformational tranche of real fresh tasting existence.

I don't expect there to be any questions on this as it is pretty straight forward but if each of you sends me $500 to free up an account I have in Nigeria you shall save the planet, look younger and be sexually attractive to people without mental illnesses which is a nice change for many of you.

Send yer cheques or postal orders to:

Jean Baptiste Quéau de Quincy
PO Box 666
Ile La Douche
The Seychelles Islands

Rumours of a military staging area on Ile La Douche to invade Madagascar is pure madness but I'd advise you never to get within 800 metres of its shore line for yer own safety as there are killer Sting-Rays nesting there that sometimes explode upon impact.

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MJ said...

...be sexually attractive to people without mental illnesses

I'll double that 500.

CHEF TROLL said...

Your paradigm lacks metrics and you need to shower more often because you stink.

And you're stupid.

Manuel said...

love the painting.....easy to see you didn't do it......ha!

MJ said...

Whatever are you and Coppens on about over on Twatter?

Old Knudsen said...

The love I receive in my comments is what keeps me blogging.

Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

This sounds a lot like Scientology, which means you're sure to make oodles of money.