Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St Fenian Cocksucker Day

Today Uncle Sam will be getting wasted on beer coloured green with food dye. He'll be as Irish as the next American beside him despite his hate of immigrants even though they were the ones who built his cuntry. Hes big and powerful but not too deep.

Like it or not Northern Ireland which is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is also Irish by birth. There are about 300 trouble makers in the whole population that want to continue the way of the terrorist and the above picture is how the Catholics in Lurgan are getting ready for St Paddy's day.

Whose idea was it to paint the police Land Rovers white? Why not paint a target on them too?

Speaking of targets. The people aren't going to take the murder of our soldiers and peelers, this shit has gone on for too long. Whats he got there? Looks like a MP5, no I don't mean the thing plugged into his ear I mean the bloody German weapon he is holding. Is that the new plan for the Germans to invade next time? Sell us their Heckler and Kochs but put in a special chip so when we go to fire they use a remote control that stops the gun from firing, ah very clever but you haven't counted on one thing ..................... Old Knudsen who saw through yer plan HA!

I have no idea why EVERYONE calls me paranoid behind my back.

Remember last year when Coke brought out the special edition drink for March? fuck that was minging and gave me the shits but the Yanks could then honestly say they have Irish in them and they even know where it came from. The Mini Mart.

I'll celebrate the death of St Patrick, I'll eat the corned beef and cabbage that all Irish eat every fucking day, I'll drink a few pints as long as its no Guinness and I'll shag yer weemen and show them that sex isn't just up the arse but I'm keeping the 6 counties up north, who wants to be a part of 3rd world Ireland now? Isn't it great that the UK didn't go over to the Euro? We may be dumb but we aren't Irish .................... unless there is an award going.

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CHEF TROLL said...

God Bless the Irish, their revered Saint Patrick, and the noble religion of Catholicism. I toast the Irish and their great contributions in the fields of Science, Mathematics, and The Arts.

The Irish Interpretion of Catholicism was the light and flower of Europe while most of the Continent suffered through the dark ages.

If not for a plague that came across the Irish Sea, it's staggering to think what those hard-working TRUE Irish could have accomplished.

Still, we should be grateful for the many wonderous things they did accomplish.

Donn Coppens said...

I was always worried that if I sang Give Ireland Back To The Irish that I wouldn't ever get knighted...but HRH still knighted McCartney eh?

I am grateful that Patty shooshed all them nasty snakes out of Ireland. That's awesome.

MJ said...

I shall do my bit by sucking Fenian cock.

Manuel said...

there is some traditional rioting going on in the holylands right now......you'd love that.....

The Hangar Queen said...

Just out of curiousity is your bowler made out of Kevlar?

Yonder firestick is HK33....just like the ones issued to the Gardai and the Irish army rangers....fuck!!..I let the cat out the bag.

Boxer said...

you mean, you AREN'T Irish?


mago said...

No chip in my Schmeisser ... so, the Irish brought us the snakes? Bastids ...

Old Knudsen said...

trolly I suspect some sarcasm there. If it wasn't for the Irish America wouldn't be overfilled with crazies.

DC he also got rid of the three toed sloths.

MJ any 10 guys I know?

manuel so me ma says, those bloody students.

Ms Queen the Irish Rangers, is that like a football team? H&K have so many the same but with different numbers I just can't keep up.

Boxer no you Canadian moron I'm ........ depends on what awards are going.

Mago Stop boasting about yer Schmeisser ya dirty boy.