Monday, 9 March 2009

The Real McCoy

The shit is happening all over again. In Northern Ireland a pizza man was delivering 2 large pepperoni pizzas extra spit to an army base. When the soldiers opened the gate to accept them some cunts in a parked car opened fire killing two soldiers and injuring 4 others including the pizza dude.

The soldiers were about to go over and serve in Afghanistan. Fuck do terrorists piss me off big time, maybe I've mentioned this 2 or 20 times before. Terrorists or bullies whatever you want to call them they hide behind people and masks, shoot rockets or bullets at anyone. They don't care.

The name of the terrorist group that did this is 'The Fenian Cocksucker Army' no wait my bad thats their nickname. Its The Real IRA (IRA is Irish Republican Army of course) When the IRA didn't dismiss peace talks right away a splinter group was formed so they could continue the terror but not mess things up for Sinn Fein the political wing of the IRA.

The Real IRA was formed by Michael McKevitt, who is now serving a jail sentence for terrorist offenses in the Irish Republic. He is married to Bernadette Sands McKevitt, the sister of Republican hunger striker Bobby (does my bum look big?) Sands.

The Real IRA committed the Omagh bombing, killing 29 people, men, weemen and children, Protestant and Catholic who were out doing their shopping on a Saturday afternoon in August 1998.

The Real IRA? is that like real Coke or real Pepsi? is there a Real IRA challenge? Get two scruffy Fenians with hair cuts and clothes from the 1970's and get people to see if they can tell the difference between normal IRA and Real IRA.

Is there a splinter group called The genuine or authentic IRA? or The Bachman-Turner Overkill IRA? I want to see certificates and labels before I get blown up by anyone.

Like 'The serious crime squad' what crime isn't serious? Do they chuckle at break-ins and fights buttake overrated crimes like murder and rape seriously? I was raped and murdered once and it was a doddle (cue someone telling me about a personal tragedy, its my fucking blog don't harsh my mellow)

Have you ever heard of The Federal Bureau of Investigation? It was almost called The Federal corner desk of we'll see what we can do, but some thought it lacked drawers and a roll doon slatted cover.

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Sweary said...

I denounce the Real IRA. They never had any decent songs written about them, so they must be wankers.

Momentary Madness said...

I'm workin' on a song right now.
"The Men Behind The Pizza."
I hate to exploit the sad situation, but it's better than fightin' for a livin'.

Boxer said...

They can ALL burn in hell, real or not.

Manuel said...

oh it;s just got worse man......

Daisy said...

yeah i flew into belfast the day after and in the cab ride to ballymena the driver was telling me about it because of all the people trying to get on the damn news...i just can't understand that mentality...right enough we have the same with gangs in the states, makes no sense...

MJ said...

Speaking of Belfast sinners, why won't Ellie's blog let me in?

Donn Coppens said...

Somebody somewhere knows something about someone who is responsible.

I propose sending Jack Bauer in to torture them in order to get the terrorist asshats who should then be killed cruelly and slowly, revived and then repeated..
just like shampooing.

Bobby's sister needs to remember that DIE is the root word in dieting.

Old Knudsen said...

You can't have Slaughter without laughter!