Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Old Knudsen Take Doon

Marilyn Monroe was one of them over hyped films stars like James Dean and Marlon Brando. She may have looked shagable from the odd rear view but really nothing special. An Actress who had a nose job and was vulnerable to older father figure types.

Only made special because she was in the movies. Take an actor who does stage work and put him into a cool movie and he'll get his hole 10 times more just for being on the telly. Who employs Orlando Bloom? Wise up people.

Monroe was killed by JFK's henchmen just before her out of control addictions made her a liability to his career, being a Kennedy marriage wasn't a big issue but yer career was. If you don't believe me about that there is no point talking about Nessie.

I am a total fucking gentlemen but I do not prefer blondes and resent being told that I do.

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Heff said...

More blondes for the rest of us, heh !

tony said...

'Tis true you could walk through the middle of Mytholmroyd and see a dozen women prettier than M.M.......however! you make being "vulnerable to older father figure types........." sound like a bad thing?

MJ said...

Did her cuffs match her collar?

Donn Coppens said...

Global warming isn't killing the coral it's those bloody elephants!

I believe that MM was conveniently disposed of before she had the chance to go public about boinkin both of the brothers...and I always try to imagine what Norma Jean and Arthur Miller would have talked about? Hmm?