Friday, 20 March 2009

Leave Killing To The Pros

If it wasn't for those guards who get paid more than teachers I'd have snapped his neck.

I may be the inspiration for the Beatles song Helter Skelter, sure I'll admit to that because I may be a lover but I ain't no dancer as the lyrics go. I do the old Killamory two step with my fingers pointed to attain full on sex God effect.

You'd think for someone who is a cock smith he'd be able to thrust his hips on the dance floor but no Old Knudsen does not excel at everything he does just most things.

I went to the California State Prison in Corcoran to see Charlie Manson. I haven't seen that cunt since the 60's when we met at Brian Wilson's hoose. He was a beach boy in case you didn't know and I was a muse to the stars.

Manson never scared me, you can do crazy eyes all you want but he was just a dick. Now he looks like a kindly old duffer with a nice wee tasteful swastika carved into his forehead. His crazy eyes are weak and milky and at the age of 74 he now looks like Billy Joel.

Not such a cool cult icon huh? the best ones die young.

People have always called him a serial killer, thats when I remind them that Manson never killed anyone himself. He only talked some stoned hippies into doing it for him. A sick wee puppy that should have been drown at birth , nothing special.

Its been 40 years since the so-called Manson murders and all him and those family wankers have done is drain the resources of the country. If you don't intend to ever free them then just kill them. Criminals get better food, job training, accommodation and health care than most innocent civilians, is that right?

Don't forget Richard Allen Davis who just had an appeal in front of the supreme court this month. That cunt abducted 12 year-old Polly Klaas from her own bedroom in 1993 and raped and killed her. He was sentenced to death in 1996. Death row should be that, 'death' you have people argue that it costs more to kill inmates than to jail them for life. It doesn't cost more to kill them it costs more to guard, hoose, feed and pay for their appeal after appeal that is where the money is going.

I'll execute the fuckers and I'll supply my own ammo and I'll probally sleep better at night. You may say it won't bring Polly back, well it won't do any harm either and it may give her family some form of closure and not having to worry about appeals.

Joesf Fritzl another kindly grandfather figure type aged 73 was given life in prison in Austria when he was found guilty of rape, incest, imprisonment ,enslavement and and negligent homicide when he let one of the babies he sired with his daughter die. He enslaved his daughter for 24 years and fathered 7 children with her. Some of those kids never saw daylight until they were released.

Fritzl has shown remorse unlike the top two but who gives a shit if he did? he says he felt guilty during the 24 years but he kept on doing it so he couldn't of felt too guilty.

Never mind the AIG bonus' what about the big waste of money known as looking after criminals who will never change and don't deserve another chance ?

I say let those who support pedos and rapists and who are against the death penalty to pay for their up keep then we'll see a change of heart.

As Old Knudsen once said as he faced the Roman legions, "Some folks just need a good killin".

Yes we ran into battle naked with our muscular bodies covered in woad paint, slapping each other on the arses for encouragement. No wonder the Romans built a wall to keep us out, for a bunch of ghey eye ties they did not want to tackle us.

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Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

Nope, not Billy Joel. The new pic of Manson looks like Dennis Hopper and Saddam Hussein's unholy love child.

MJ said...

You'd think for someone who is a cock smith he'd be able to thrust his hips on the dance floor but no Old Knudsen does not excel at everything he does just most things.

Don't be so modest.

Your horizontal mambo is the talk of the town.

Momentary Madness said...

No, killin's too good for these bastards; for example, Fritzl should be locked in that very same underground pit. No contact, food through the door until he dies.

Donn Coppens said...

Sick f*ck Fritzl should be locked in a dungeon to be buggered by rabid Wolverines for 24 years! No. That's too good for him.
They need to lock up his enabling asshat wife too. How did she not know, BULLSH*T! She is just as guilty.

Manson is a total pussy, he's about as scary as herpes... and he should have been thrown to the wolves in the general population with Sirhan Sirhan and all of these little c*nts that we have molly coddled for decades.

Man this makes me angry.

Donn Coppens said...

I've got it. Fritzl should be forced to be a nanny for the Octomom..imagine listening to that psychotic, egomaniacal, whackjob yammering in her shrill, grating, voice with her overstuffed lips while changing diapers on all those totally unnecessary turkey baster babies 24/7?

THAT is cruel and unusual punishment.

Boxer said...

Old K's fox trot ain't so bad either.

HoodChick said...

Can I shoot one too?? Please, please, please?

I've also heard nice things about your tongue tango.

TachaƩ said...

old Charlie there is just a peice of museum history, if they were going to kill him they should have done it back in the day.

also ... all these abusive murdering fucks. .. why WHY WHY are we not doing an eye for an eye?

the blue guys are just creepy. they make my butthole tighten up.

TachaƩ said...

oh PS I agree with The Donn,

OctoMONSTER and Fritzl can get together (doesnt he bear a creepy resemblance to dr suess's grinch?)