Friday, 6 March 2009

Fatwa Fridays

I remember that back in the day when you were going to do something you wouldn't threaten it and then just not do it. I wonder how many people this sign holder has beheaded.

I have often asked God, "If you know everything then how cum you have let all this crap go on? I mean if you use the whole 'free will' excuse then yer the kind of bad parent who lets his kids drink beer in the hoose so they aren't somewhere nasty doing it anyway or the kind of bad parent who lets his son get crucified to make some vague point cos all of humanity are yer children right?"

At this point God usually shrugs and says, "I dunno" pot has robbed him of his ambition and he doesn't care, he can't even be arsed to rape young virgin gurls anymore.

A typical Jew and the bloody Romans.

You can blame weemen for original sin or the Jews for killing Jesus if you want, I know I do, at least on every other day. I also blame Saddam for 9/11 but thats beside the point.

He had the heart of a lion and the face of a pig. Now they use pigs for hearts and dead peoples faces for faces.

Which reminds me. Richard the Lionheart, what a cunt. A Frenchie who used England to drum up finances for his wars, he once said he'd sell London if he could find a buyer which is understandable as its a shitehole full of soft Sassenachs.
Upon his coronation he banned all Jews from the event and those who turned up with gifts were stripped, thrown out and flogged and which sparked of Jew massacres across the cuntry, ah good times.

I said to Richard, yer just a pawn of the Pope. Who gives a fuck about Jerusalem ? its not like the place is sitting on valuable oil. Richard would look at me with a puzzled look on his face them go back to eating his garlic frogs legs in wine sass, he didn't speak much English and my French is piss poor, unless you mean the kissing cos then I am a grand wizard.

Back then Muslims were the enlightened smart ones now they are just the fanatical bogeymen. History is full of them, you need yer scary bogeyman to get what you want under the guise of something else. Savages of any kind including American Injuns, witches which meant wise weemen or midwives, Klingons, gheys, wogs, liberals, commies or socialists not like you know the difference and any other religion.

We kill yer people you kill ours and the hatred festers over the centuries.

All swings and round abouts. Guy Fawkes was a fenian cocksucker terrorist type who wanted to blow up the hooses of parliment and the protestant government including many Catholics.

Catholics aren't like normal people as they only value human life when it looks like wall paper paste and gets wiped on an old sock and thrown away.

Its just as evil as any other religion except Protestant, any one who insults Protestantism should be beheaded.

Now because of a film Guy Fawkes is a creepy hero. Tom Cruise couldn't do it but if you get Matt Damon to play Hitler he'll turn out to be likable and the next generation of idiots will have Hitler t-shirts like that Che Guevara cunt.

Speaking of which is it ok to ignore what people really did and were really like as long as it gives you a hero or a better story? Does time, good deeds and a lack of remorse wipe the slate clean?

Ted Kennedy got an honourary knighthood from Gordon Brown (texture like sun) for his help in the Northern Ireland peace process, the education of kids around the world and for bringing health care to many Americans.

What the fuck Flash Gordon? do you not remember 1969 Mary Jo Kopechne ? so you can drink and drive, flip yer car over into a water filled ditch leaving a gurl to spend 2 hours in an air pocket before she dies while you stagger off back home to sleep it off. You can cheat on yer wife like all the Kennedy clan and consort with and fund Sinn Fein and the IRA and get a knighthood?

"Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law?Or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?"

Well you would know Ted as you said this in 1973 and yer whole family are like that. I'm not even touching upon the Nazis and the Mafia.
Millions of Americans are still without health care, never mind educating kids around the world yer own school systems are cutting funding and staff and only educate kids on how much yer own government hates you .............. losers!

The Kennedy's have never had strong moral fiber ......... none of them. Gandhi was also a cunt but he did things for the good of many so who cares if he treated his wife and kids like shit?

The good of the many outweighs the need of the one or the few, a wise man named Spock once said that but he was giving up his own life not destroying the lives of innocents unnecessarily for his own agenda and ego.

In government you may have to sacrifice people for the greater good like Churchill destroying the stubborn French navy so the Nazis wouldn't get it, like Lincoln provoking the start of the civil war to keep the union united but there is no need to be a wanker who can't keep it zipped.

Oh and Islam has a small limp willy.

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MJ said...

Catholics aren't like normal people as they only value human life when it looks like wall paper paste and gets wiped on an old sock and thrown away.

Those cheap Fenian bastards reuse the sock.

Isn't that right, Manuel?


I heard rumours you had quit. I am glad that's not true,lest the sphere go all p.c.

Donn Coppens said...

Brilliant Knudesnian Manifesto.

Do you remember Matt Damon's character in Syriana? He gave the best summation of the Western World's view of all this asshattery..
They think a hundred years ago you were living in tents out here in the desert chopping each other's heads off and that's exactly where you'll be in another hundred years

Does anyone doubt this? There's only 80 years of OIL left in the sand then what?

Great post, hats off.

Boxer said...

is this post about religion? I thought it was about fat people.

My bad.

Anonymous said...

I that Abe shruddeling along in the last pic? The brother of Keef?

CHEF TROLL said...

You should ask yourself this question:

Am I a better person than Teddy Kennedy?

If the answer's NO, you should promptly kill yourself.

Do the right thing, Knudles.

Anonymous said...

Are You better than Kennedy, Trollerich?

Knudsen, heared in the news tonight that some "definitley-realy-real-IRA"-assholes killed British soldiers ... WTF? Are we going' back in times? Blow the dust from "George" and move over! Yer needed!

TachaƩ said...

oh yes... blame the vaginas.

let them all feck off and kill each other. .

Old Knudsen said...