Thursday, 19 March 2009

Do You Know What Old Knudsen Likes?

Its a rhetorical question, like I'm interested in what you think I like. This post is about........... 'Oral Tradition'.
I had a dream ::::::::::bang!:::::::::::::: well no actually it was about a place in Frigadoon where I grew up and it was known as 'The Barley field'.

It was strange because I can't remember who told me the name but everyone knew it. There was no barley in it. It was a small raised field with uncontrolled grass and skinny scattered trees.

Like the lost stories of the Druids one minute yer telling them and the next some dirty eye tie called Maximus Headroominus has them all killed, oral tradition lost to the ages and only to be discussed on crappy sci-fi shows and made into Indiana fucking Jones films.

Someone had to be the first to call it The barley field, maybe it was full of barley at one time. Anyway in my dream I knew there was dead bodies buried under every tree so its obviously a dream about me being worried about my huge penis.

I invented 'Blogjinx' which is when real life or blog life on different blogs is similar. For instance when I mention the Bee Gees in someone's comments and go over to Mago's blog where he has a post about the Bee Gees and how hard it is to stay alive.

Like any great invention there are several people at the same time around the world unknowingly doing the same thing and you only remember the first person to patent it so it is with posts.
Not to be confused with plagiarism cos that just means yer a phony no talent baloney and I strike you from my links bar, disbarred and ignored I say.

I also invented 'Popcunt' which is cuntry music aimed at the mainstream pop audience. Maybe when I'm dead in a 1000 years or so someone might wonder where these words came from and some other wanker will take credit.

Like the gurl in the picture I like to make people happy. So when someone clicks on this then complains because they don't like sex or something I have also provided a censored picture for them . No need to thank me but please do.

Romans slaughtering Druids or other people dying out doesn't always stop oral tradition, the only true way to stop it is the get married ................. Ka-Chow!

Don't shave yer pubes braid them with pride!

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expat@large said...

I think most will appreciate the bald look in the Knuds-sausage environs: very youthful looking. Suits you. Now if you just do your arse and back we'd be most grateful...

And, ah, that first picture reminds me, I'm "heading" to Bangkok on Sunday. Different colored eyes there of course, unless I go for one of the Russians in Gullivers.

By the way, we see from that fancy dispersion lamp in the background that you're a keen photographer. Any statistics on your lens length, etc? You know, for the records...

Old Knudsen said...

I caught The Skittles in Bangkok once. My lens is Ultra wide 5000 XL zoom and ribbed for her pleasure.

MJ said...

Can it still be considered 'Blogjinx' if you post about oral tradition but even though I don't post about it, I'm thinking about it?

CHEF TROLL said...

Is is true you did Nasty Richardson's retard skank mother?