Friday, 27 March 2009

Bum Sex Friday

I'm no looking for a fatwa today, here is a fat wha the fuck? I don't have a post for today ....... well I actually wrote a ton of them then put them into drafts, you know me I'm never happy with my work so I just thought I'd chat and get to know a few of my readers, so anyone from Canada?

For fucks sake my IP blockers are shite.

I hope Donn doesn't mind me posting this picture of him suggestively licking the end of a handgun when he auditioned for broke back alleyway an Old Knudsen production. Well actually there wasn't any such film I just wanted to see what I could get Donn to do for the role. That lad is sure ambitious. Donn's blog has a habit of making me think and so my Monday post is inspired by him. Well I haven't written it yet but you know how it goes .............. he sure is lovely isn't he?

I've watched Lost from the beginning, it actually reminds me of when I was ship wrecked on an island once, not as nice as Hawaii where Lost is filmed. I had a load of others with me and we formed a type of government that worshiped a pig's head and we could only speak if we held the conch, yes it was quite similar to the Bush administration but instead of fucking up the island and my mates getting rich we fucked up the island and my mates became stew, no really Stew ate all my friends and would have got me too except me volleyball named Wilson crushed his skull with a rock while he slept, if you don't believe me ask me friend Ben.

You should not be reading this blog, you are too special to be doing that. You know you have a higher destiny just trust me for once and take off your top.

Battlestar Galactica has finished. I will miss the fine acting and amazing twists and turns the show took. What will I wank to on a friday night now? ok I do have the pictures of Donn.

Did you see the last episode? I don't want to spoil it if you haven't but I will anyway. For years and maybe even on this blog somewhere I've said about a spaceship called 'Heaven' landing on Earth and fucking the monkeys or at least genetically altering them with their own DNA, some tissue from a rib here and there but of course weemen were created first then they got it right and made men.

People called me mad, they called me a donkey raper, Old man Knudsen the flasher but oh no some cunt covers hot chicks in baby oil, says 'Frak' a lot and makes a badly lit TV show and before you know it Old Knudsen's story isn't his and now its cool. I had all this shit from Ray Bradbury but hey go ahead take my ideas and make a fortune Old Knudsen doesn't mind. Oh and fuck you Franklin and Edison, R-E-S-P-E-C-T for fucks sake.

"Have you heard the word of the Lard? its cunt"

Saddam Hussein has the same initials as Sherlock Holmes which leads me to believe he is still alive and living in ............................. Montreal. As the song goes, "I'm a dreamer Montreal" What old world charm that city has, some parts remind me more of France than France does, of course France is a shit hole.
The last time I was up in Montreal was 2001, I have family up in Canada, Toronto I believe but of course I wasn't going to go near them, young Jilly was shacking up with some Mexican lad and her mother Ruth my cousin on my mother's half sister's side wasn't too pleased. She was heavily into lipo suction but the fat just kept coming back, not very good for a law enforcer. She also had bad skin but a lovely gurl.

So anyway what was I saying? oh yeah I don't have a post today, sorry well no I'm not. I have Saturday and Sunday covered but today nope nothing.

What Saddam is saying in the picture is: "You .......... you are still dangerous, you can be my wingman anytime."

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dai said...

I hate it when you don't have a post.

Leah said...

What will I wank to on a friday night now? I really think you speak for the masses on that one.

CHEF TROLL said...

This was kind of hard to follow.

Donn Coppens said...

I was disappointed with BG's final episode..the first half was OK but it was all nicely tied up with a bow at the end...for me anyways.

I was hooked at how bleak it was at the start..and eternally thankful that it was, as Sagan would say in his nasally voice, Billyuns and Billyuns of times better than the original.

Actually they should have just invented an entirely new show instead of paying royalties but I know that people have such a low tolerance for anything new and that's why we get all of these recycled titles...gawd that was a long sentence.

One word..Starbuck! Now THAT is my kinda gal.

MJ said...

so anyone from Canada?

*raises hand*

Pick me! Pick me!

That first photo…

Good place to park my bike.

Donn's blog has a habit of making me think

Whereas mine has a habit of making you wank.

I’m hoping to see more posts with the “Donn is lovely” tag.

Thank you and goodnight.

Selchie said...

Great post, somehow like the meandering... just a question why didnt u post saturdays today? or is that too easy.) love ur work.)

Boxer said...

I'm just sad about LIFE ON MARS. My comment has nothing to do with anything either.

TachaƩ said...

oh canada oh canada ... our anthem sucks dick .

Old Knudsen said...

dai I don't have a reply to yer comment either.

leah wasn't Stargate great instead?........................

trolly get an adult to explain it to you.

DC as usual I agree with everything you said.

MJ He is lovely and the world should know.

selchie I'm an artist and it wasn't a Friday post.

boxer if only they would cancel Grey's anatomy.

tachae its so boring and polite its fits.