Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bail Out Her Vadge

In a bid to save face AIG have decided to give the $165 million in bonus' they gave out to executives to octuplet mum Nadya Suleman.

Dow Jones the CEO of AIG said: " The poor woman has 14 children we hope this money goes to helping her raise them and maybe pay for some more fertility treatments and some more cosmetic surgery, this is the caring face of AIG because who doesn't like struggling single mothers?"

Mr Jones then went into the casino next door and bet 5 million tax payer dollars on 17 black, a common procedure at AIG.

Nadya Suleman was unavailable for comment as she was watching 'Cheaper by the dozen' again!

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MJ said...

With Six You Get Eggroll!

Momentary Madness said...

What can you do, she likes kids.
I guess she'll have to move out from the parents and find a home, and husband. I think it's time.
Do they have children’s allowance in the US (I don't know, but if they do man will she be a big catch.
I'm only 37 yrs. but I'd move out of home and marry her.
My mother would definitely approve me not having to get any girl pregnant.

Boxer said...

I have a very hard even looking at pictures of this woman.

Anonymous said...

Mutterkreuz in Gold! And isn't AIG now socialized? Bloody commies ...

Leah said...

Ah! I always knew AIG had a heart. Perhaps I'll follow suit and donate my grocery money for the week to that warm and loving embodiment of a selfless Earth Mother.


Donn Coppens said...

She is completely whacked? Why isn't she in a padded cell?

OK I'll tell you why..because the Right-Wing Fundie Republicans think that she is a hero for not dispensing with the 7 superfluous embryos...ergo they can't say jack-squat about her begging for handouts or being totally f*cking insane.

The turkey baster doctor who loaded up her cervix (and probably her lips) with 8000 fertilised eggs like some f*cking salmon should be paying for all of the octokids. Where is he? Haven't heard a peep out of him lately have we? I see him on the Simpsons every once and a while..he says "HI Every-bo-dy!"

The cost of all the psychiatric help for octomom and her litter will probably equal the AIG bonuses. Now she needs to hook up with a celebrity to keep the tabloids & paparazzi happy....hmm..

I'm thinkin' the Hoff..or maybe Joacquin Phoenix now that he is totally off of his rocker.

tony said...

AIG !The Kid at the front looks like Wayne Rooney!

TachaƩ said...



aghghhhhhhhhhhhhh *spit*

I think Im ok. I just needed to get it out.

Excuse me while I walk to California to ... . "free" her uterus.